Area Codes in Manitoba

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About Manitoba

Manitoba is a province of Canada at the longitudinal centre of the country. It is Canada's fifth-most populous province, with a population of 1,278,365 as of 2016. The easternmost of the three prairie provinces, Manitoba covers 649,950 square kilometres (250,900 sq mi) of widely varied landscape, from arctic tundra and the Hudson Bay coastline in the north to dense boreal forest, large freshwater lakes, and prairie grassland in the central and southern regions.

Manitoba area code

Area codes in Manitoba

Manitoba is currently using two area codes. Area code 204 was put into service on 01/01/1947 and covered the entire province of Manitoba. Effective 11/03/12 area code 431 was put into service as an overlay of area code 204. Area codes 204 and 431 now server all of the province of Manitoba. Ten digit dialing became mandatory on October 20, 2012.

Ten digit dialing (area code + seven digit number) is necessary in the 204/431 overlay because two different homes in the same geographic area can have the same seven digit phone number but each would have a different area code.

How many area codes are there in Manitoba?

There is a total of 2 area codes in Manitoba - 204, 431

The largest cities in Manitoba

Winnipeg, Brandon, Steinbach, Thompson, Portage la Prairie, Winkler, Selkirk, Morden.

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