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We help users work smarter, build connections with prospective customers and clients and accelerate business growth. See how our users are turning their dreams into reality with EasyLine’s easy-to-use features.


Meghan relies on: Business Phone Number, SMS Mark
eting, Auto Reply

Meghan entered the world of e-commerce and self-
employment during the coronavirus pandemic. EasyLine
makes marketing a breeze for Meghan and her small
business. She regularly sends promotions and updates to
prospective customers and existing clients in just a few
simple steps. EasyLine helps her reach more customers at
once, and she can work from anywhere.

Kendrick——Financial Services

Kendrick relies on: Business Phone Number, Voicemail
Greeting, Business Contacts

Praised for his proactive and professional performance,
Kendrick uses EasyLine to effectively maintain and strengthen
his client relationships. A second business phone number
helps him provide a professional service with clients as a
financial advisor.


Issac relies on: Business Phone Number, Auto Reply

After signing up for a second phone number, Issac no longer
has business calls interrupting his dinner with family. When
it’s inconvenient to talk, Issac simply turns on the Auto Reply
feature to have it auto text the caller back. With EasyLine,
Issac keeps his personal and business calls separate, and
himself as well as his customers happy.

Isabell——Real Estate

Isabell relies on: Business phone number, Auto Reply,
Business Contacts, Voicemail Greeting

As a realtor, Isabell likes to be available for her clients seven
days a week, so she takes plenty of calls on her mobile
phone. Embracing EasyLine helps Isabell filter marketing calls
, adds a level of privacy, enhances her credibility and more.
And all without having to juggle two physical phones.

Jasmine——Creative Agency

Jasmine relies on: Business phone number, Auto Reply
, Business Contacts, Call Notes

For Jasmine and her team members at a startup creative
agency, the best part of EasyLine is its client relationship
management capabilities. With Business Contacts and Call
Notes, Jasmine can easily make following up part of a routine
rather than something that’s only done when trying to close a
client. Consequently, her business has skyrocketed.


Frank relies on: Business Phone Number, Call notes, S
MS Marketing, Auto Reply

Frank owns a small but much-loved restaurant. He selected
one of EasyLine’s toll-free numbers and registered it Google
My Business, gaining a ton of customer bookings in the
process. He also uses Call Notes for recording the time and
tables of reservations, creating a smooth booking process
that satisfies users while making the restaurant service more