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Brief introduction of 978 area code

In the new era of mobile communication, you might have or will receive an unknown call from a random area code number; possibly one that does not alike the ones on your phonebook. Usually, the moments before picking up the call are tormenting and worrying. Random thoughts and concerns will cloud your mind, where is the call from? Would it be from a scammer? Should I pick it up? To relieve your worries, we have this guide tackled common concerns about area codes and most precisely 978 area code and the most appropriate actions if you receive a call from a scammer.

978 area code

What is area code 978?

978 was first put in service September 1, 1997. It was created from area code 508. In 2001, area code 351 was created and is currently an overlay to 978.

Where is area code 978 located?

Area code 978 is located in northeastern Massachusetts and covers Lowell, Lawrence, Haverhill, and Peabody. It has a single overlay (351) that serves the same area.

What is the timezone of area code 978?

The 978 Area Code is located in the EasternTimezone.

What is the major city in area code 978?

Lowell, city, Middlesex county, northeastern Massachusetts, U.S. It lies at the junction of the Concord and Merrimack rivers, 25 miles (40 km) northwest of Boston. It was the country’s first planned industrial town.

Area codes in the neighborhood

339/781 (Boston, MA);

351/978 (Lowell, MA);

413 (Springfield, MA);

508/774 (Worcester, MA);603 (New Hampshire);

617/857 (Boston, MA);

802 (Vermont);

Is an area code 978 phone call a scam?

Online scams are almost inevitable. More and more scammers are using customized phone numbers to extort monies and personal information from phone users. If you receive a new 978 area code call, there is always a chance that it is a scam until you pick up the call. It is crucial that you are alert to avoid falling for the scam. To do that, ask for identification and intension of the call. Run a quick check on your caller's information and if there any red flags, block the number.

Why do individuals prefer distinctive vanity local numbers for marketing?

Local phone numbers give your business an authentic presence in particular target markets and make your company more accessible to individuals in local and international areas. Benefits include:

1. Creating a local presence in a particular city.

2. Tracking marketing efforts.

3. Easy access for your customers.

4. Streamlining your business.

Above all, Local phone numbers are a cost-effective business expansion tool.

Where can I acquire a business phone number with the area code 978?

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Using our accessible area code, you could establish a local presence.


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