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What is the 973 area code?

973 was first put in service June 1, 1997. It was created from area code 201. In 2001, area code 862 was created and is currently an overlay to 973.

973 area code

Where does area code 973 come from?

Area code 973 is located in northern New Jersey and covers Newark, Paterson, Clifton, Passaic, and East Orange. It has a single overlay (862) that serves the same area.

What timezone does the area code 973 belong to?

The 973 Area Code is located in the EasternTimezone.

What is the main city in area code 973?

Newark, city, New Castle county, northern Delaware, U.S. It lies just west-southwest of Wilmington. The community developed in the late 1680s around the New Worke Quaker meetinghouse, which served as an early crossroads meeting place for travelers. Nearby Cooch’s Bridge on Christina Creek was the scene (September 3, 1777) of the only significant battle of the American Revolution fought in the state. An early industrial enterprise in the locality was a paper mill built before 1798 on White Clay Creek. Newark’s industries now include the manufacture of vulcanized fibre, concrete products, and processed foods and the assembly of automobiles. Newark is the seat of the University of Delaware (founded 1743 in New London, Pennsylvania, and transferred to Newark in 1765). Inc. town, 1887; city, 1951. Pop. (2000) 28,547; (2008 est.) 29,886.

What area codes are nearby 973?

201/551 (Jersey City, NJ);

272/570 (Scranton, PA);

347/718/929 (New York, NY);

845 (New City, NY);862/973 (Newark, NJ);

908 (Elizabeth, NJ);

917 (New York, NY);

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5. Keep in touch: Use advanced features like business hours and intelligent phone routing to guarantee that someone always replies and you don't miss a beat.

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