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Brief introduction of 971 area code

Receiving unfamiliar calls from a new number is quite suspicious. Is the caller linked with scammers? Where is the call coming from? If you want to know more about the area code 971, you might wanna continue reading.

971 area code

What is area code 971?

971 was first put in service October 1, 2000. It was created from area code 503.

Where is area code 971 ?

Area code 971 is located in northwestern Oregon and covers Portland, Salem, Gresham, Hillsboro, and Beaverton. It is an overlay for area code 503 and serves the same area.

What is the timezone of area code 971?

The 971 Area Code is located in the PacificTimezone.

What is the major city in area code 971?

Portland, city, seat (1760) of Cumberland county, southwestern Maine, U.S. The state’s largest city, it is the hub of a metropolitan statistical area that includes the cities of South Portland and Westbrook and the towns of Falmouth, Cape Elizabeth, Cumberland, Freeport, Gorham, Scarborough, Windham, and Yarmouth and, in York county, the town of Old Orchard Beach. The city is built largely on two hilly peninsulas overlooking Casco Bay and its many islands.

What are the area codes near 971?

503/971 (Portland, OR);

509 (Spokane, WA);360/564 (Vancouver, WA);

458/541 (Eugene, OR);

Is area code 971 a scam?

It is important to note that the area code 971 is an overlay for the area code 503, which is the original code that served the entire state of Oregon. Also, make sure to look up the number of the call you received to avoid being scammed.

Is it called toll free from area code 971?

The 971 number is not toll free. The company or business you acquired with telecommunication services may apply charges depending on what service you have. To be sure, review the terms and conditions of the company who operates the line.

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