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What is the 930 area code?

930 was first put in service March 7, 2015. It was created from area code 812.

930 area code

Where is area code 930 ?

Area code 930 is located in southern Indiana and covers Evansville, Bloomington, and Terre Haute. It is an overlay for area code 812 and serves the same area.

What timezone does the area code 930 belong to?

The 930 Area Code is located in the Eastern / CentralTimezone.

What is the main city in area code 930?

Evansville, city, seat (1818) of Vanderburgh county, southwestern Indiana, U.S., port on the Ohio River (there bridged to Henderson, Kentucky), 171 miles (275 km) southwest of Indianapolis. It was founded by Hugh McGary, Jr., in 1812 and was named for Robert M. Evans, a member of the territorial legislature. Coal deposits and oil fields in an area of fertile farmland surround the city and, together with the availability of hydroelectric power and its location as a transportation hub, have contributed substantially to its growth as the metropolis of southwestern Indiana and the adjacent areas of Kentucky and Illinois. Diversified manufactures include plastics, pharmaceuticals, home appliances, aluminum, and food products.

What area codes are nearby 930?

618 (Belleville, IL);

765 (Muncie, IN);

812/930 (Evansville, IN);

859 (Lexington-Fayette, KY);

937 (Dayton, OH);217 (Springfield, IL);

270/364 (Bowling Green, KY);

317/463 (Indianapolis, IN);

502 (Louisville, KY);

513 (Cincinnati, OH);

606 (Ashland, KY);

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