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What is the 918 area code?

918 was first put in service January 1, 1953. In 2011, area code 539 was created and is currently an overlay to 918.

918 area code

Where does area code 918 come from?

Area code 918 is located in northeastern Oklahoma and covers Tulsa, Broken Arrow, and Muskogee. It has a single overlay (539) that serves the same area.

What timezone does the area code 918 belong to?

The 918 Area Code is located in the CentralTimezone.

What is the main city in area code 918?

Tulsa, city, Osage and Tulsa counties, seat (1907) of Tulsa county, northeastern Oklahoma, U.S., situated on the Arkansas River. It originated in 1836 as a settlement of Creek Indians who named it for their former town in Alabama. White settlement began after the arrival in 1882 of the St. Louis-San Francisco Railway. The discovery of oil in nearby Red Fork (1901) and Glenn Pool (1905) launched the mid-continent oil and gas boom, and phenomenal growth followed. Hundreds of oil companies now have plants and offices in the city, which was the site of the International Petroleum Exposition (held 1965–80). The main economic activity is based on petroleum—exploration, drilling, production, refining, and research. The aviation-aerospace industry also is important to Tulsa’s economy, which includes a wide range of manufacturing and wholesale distribution activities. The city serves as the commercial and financial centre of a rich agricultural area and is the national headquarters of the U.S. Jaycees.

Which area code is closest to 918?

405 (Oklahoma City, OK);

417 (Springfield, MO);

479 (Fort Smith, AR);

539/918 (Tulsa, OK);580 (Lawton, OK);

620 (Hutchinson, KS);

870 (Jonesboro, AR);

940 (Denton, TX);

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