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What is area code 906?

906 was first put in service March 19, 1961.

906 area code

Where is area code 906 located?

Area code 906 is the area code for the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. It includes the cities of Marquette, Sault Ste. Marie, and Escanaba. It is the only area code that serves the area.

What is the timezone of area code 906?

The 906 Area Code is located in the Eastern / CentralTimezone.

What is the major city in area code 906?

Marquette, city, seat (1851) of Marquette county, Upper Peninsula of Michigan, U.S. On the shore of Lake Superior, overlooked by Sugarloaf Mountain (north), it lies about 65 miles (105 km) north-northwest of Escanaba. Founded in 1849 as Worcester and renamed for Jesuit explorer Jacques Marquette, it became an important iron ore and lumber port. It later developed heavy industries, but most of those had left the city by the early 1990s; manufactures now include food products and concrete. Other economic factors are telecommunications, tourism, and Northern Michigan University (1899). Marquette is a Roman Catholic diocesan seat; St. Peter’s Cathedral (1937) contains the crypt of Bishop Frederic Baraga, the first bishop of the Upper Peninsula. The city’s Presque Isle Park is on a small wooded peninsula extending into the lake. The Marquette County Historical Museum and Marquette Maritime Museum are located in the city. A herd of wild moose was reintroduced to the area in the mid-1980s, the only such herd in the state since the species was hunted to near extinction in the early 20th century. The U.S. Coast Guard operates a station at the oldest (1866) of the city’s three lighthouses. Inc. village, 1859; city, 1871. Pop. (2000) 19,661; (2010) 21,355.

Area codes in the neighborhood

807 (Kenora, ON);

906 (Marquette, MI);

920 (Green Bay, WI);

989 (Saginaw, MI);218 (Duluth, MN);

231 (Muskegon, MI);

249/705 (Sudbury, ON);

534/715 (Eau Claire, WI);

What can a local phone number do for your business?

1.Establish a more visible presence in the community. Local consumers are more inclined to interact and choose local products or services. People are shopping local more and more to support their communities, so having a local phone number will help in the long term. One of the simplest strategies to improve your conversion rates is to use a local phone number.

2. Extend to a number of other locations. You may now set up various local phone lines to create a multi-city presence without having to invest in real facilities. If you're based in Miami but require a presence in Atlanta or New York, for example, you can easily add local numbers to your website and market them. Regardless of which of your virtual phone numbers your consumer dials, all calls will be redirected to your mobile number or PC.

3.Cost-Effective. Without the burden of setting up an actual office location, you may develop a significant presence in many regions. Save money while growing your company.

4.An increase in response rates. Customers are more likely to respond when you phone or text from an area code that they recognize. One of the simplest strategies to improve your conversion rates is to use a local phone number.

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