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What is an 854 area code?

854 was first put in service October 19, 2015. It was created from area code 843.

854 area code

Where is area code 854 located?

Area code 854 is located in eastern South Carolina and covers Charleston, North Charleston, and Mount Pleasant. It is an overlay for area code 843 and serves the same area.

What timezone is used for area code 854?

The 854 Area Code is located in the EasternTimezone.

What is the major city covered by area code 854?

Charleston, city, seat (1830) of Coles county, east-central Illinois, U.S. It lies near the Embarras River, about 45 miles (70 km) south of Champaign. First settled by Benjamin Parker (1826), it was named for Charles Morton, its first postmaster. In September 1858 Charleston was the scene of the fourth debate between Abraham Lincoln and Stephen A. Douglas (see Lincoln-Douglas debates), attended by some 12,000 people; Coles County Fairgrounds, the site of the debate, houses a Lincoln-Douglas museum. Charleston’s economy is based on educational services and health care, and it has some manufacturing (chiefly truck trailers) and agriculture (corn [maize] and soybeans). It is the seat of Eastern Illinois University (founded in 1895 as a state normal school); the Tarble Arts Center, with a fine collection of Illinois folk art, is located on the university’s campus. Lake Charleston is just southeast of the city, and Fox Ridge State Park and Lincoln Log Cabin State Historic Site (reconstructed on the site where Lincoln’s father’s house originally stood) are to the south. Inc. village, 1835; city, 1865. Pop. (2000) 21,039; (2010) 21,838.

What are some area codes near 854?

843/854 (Charleston, SC);

910 (Fayetteville, NC);

912 (Savannah, GA);252 (Greenville, NC);

704/980 (Charlotte, NC);

803 (Columbia, SC);

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What is the procedure for obtaining an 854 local phone number?

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