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What is the 773 area code?

773 was first put in service October 12, 1996. It was created from area code 312.

773 area code

What is the location of area code 773?

Area code 773 serves most of Chicago, IL. It overlaps coverage areas with area code 872.

What timezone does the area code 773 belong to?

The 773 Area Code is located in the CentralTimezone.

What is the main city in area code 773?

Chicago, city, seat of Cook county, northeastern Illinois, U.S. With a population hovering near three million, Chicago is the state’s largest and the country’s third most populous city. In addition, the greater Chicagoland area—which encompasses northeastern Illinois and extends into southeastern Wisconsin and northwestern Indiana—is the country’s third largest metropolitan area and the dominant metropolis of the Midwest.

What are some of the area codes around 773?

708 (Cicero, IL);

773 (Chicago, IL);

779/815 (Rockford, IL);

872 (Chicago, IL);219 (Hammond, IN);

224/847 (Elgin, IL);

312 (Chicago, IL);

331/630 (Aurora, IL);

Why should you obtain a prestigious local business phone number?

We've put together the top 5 reasons why local numbers could be of the most benefit to your business.

1.Advertise a local business anywhere in the US and CA.

2.Use a highly memorable number.

3.Seperate business calls from personal calls

4.Never need to change your contact number

5.Take business calls anywhere, anytime

How do I acquire a phone number with the area code 773?

You can't deny the fact that prospects and consumers are more inclined to respond to local phone numbers.

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