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Brief introduction of 703 area code

Seeing an area code we aren’t familiar with can raise all sorts of concerns. Where is it coming from? Is it a scam? Where did area code 703 originate? To put all concerns to rest, 703 is an area code encompassing the northeastern part of Virginia and its independent cities. Read on learn more about the 703 code and have your questions answered.

703 area code

What is the 703 area code?

703 is one of the original 86 area codes created by AT&T and the Bell System in 1947. It originally served the entire state of Virginia. 703 was split in 1995 creating the need to update some of the phone numbers to area code 540. In 2000, area code 571 was created and is currently an overlay to 703.

What is the location of area code 703?

Area code 703 is located in northeastern Virginia and covers Arlington, Alexandria, Centreville, Dale City, and Reston. It has a single overlay (571) that serves the same area.

What timezone does the area code 703 belong to?

The 703 Area Code is located in the EasternTimezone.

What is the main city in area code 703?

Arlington, city, Tarrant county, northern Texas, U.S., between Fort Worth (west) and Grand Prairie and Dallas (east). Caddo Indians, the first known settlers in the region, were the victims of westward expansion. An early white settlement (1840), on an Indian council site, was called Bird’s Fort. Continuing disputes between Indians and would-be settlers ultimately led to the Battle of Village Creek (1841), in which more than 200 Indian lodges were burned and the Caddo routed. The Republic of Texas in 1843 signed a peace treaty with nine Indian tribes at what is now Arlington. The city itself was laid out by railroad men in 1876 and named for General Robert E. Lee’s home in Virginia.

What are some of the area codes around 703?

434 (Lynchburg, VA);

540 (Roanoke, VA);

571/703 (Arlington, VA);202 (District of Columbia);

240/301 (Germantown, MD);

410/443/667 (Baltimore, MD);

Is a call from 703 phone number toll free?

703 is not a toll free number. To obtain a 703 number, simply go to your phone service provider and purchase your 703 area code number.

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