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What is the 519 area code?

519 was first put in service January 1, 1953. In 2006, area code 226 was created and is currently an overlay to 519.

519 area code

What is the location of area code 519?

Area code 519 serves southwestern Ontario, Canada including London, ON. It has 2 overlays (226 and 548) that serve the same area.

What timezone does the area code 519 belong to?

The 519 Area Code is located in the EasternTimezone.

What are some of the area codes around 519?

586 (Warren, MI);

716 (Buffalo, NY);

734 (Ann Arbor, MI);

810 (Flint, MI);

814 (Erie, PA);

819/873 (Sherbrooke, QC);

989 (Saginaw, MI);226/519/548 (London, ON);

248/947 (Troy, MI);

249/705 (Sudbury, ON);

289/365/905 (Hamilton, ON);

313 (Detroit, MI);

419/567 (Toledo, OH);

440 (Parma, OH);

Why is having a memorable local number important for branding purposes?

1.Obtain a local business phone number in each city where you conduct business without having to establish new phone lines.

2.Having a "local" image, regardless of where your firm is situated, builds client confidence and encourages recommendations.

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5.With a Local Number service packed with versatile call management options, you can reduce missed calls and keep your leads hot.

6.Use our free built-in call reports to track your usage and determine which marketing strategies are yielding results.

How do I acquire a phone number with the area code 519?

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