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What is area code 510?

510 was first put in service September 2, 1991. It was created from area code 415. 510 was split in 1998 creating the need to update some of the phone numbers to area code 925. To avoid exhausting all possible phone numbers in this area code, relief planning has begun.

510 area code

What is the location of area code 510?

Area code 510 is the area code for Oakland, CA and the surrounding areas. It is the only area code that serves the area.

What is the timezone of area code 510?

The 510 Area Code is located in the PacificTimezone.

What is the major city in area code 510?

Oakland, city, seat (1873) of Alameda county, west-central California, U.S. It lies on the eastern shore of San Francisco Bay opposite San Francisco. The city site is located on a flat coastal plain that rises toward hills to the east that parallel the shoreline. Oakland has a mild Mediterranean-type climate with warm sunny summers and cool winters with rainy spells. Like its neighbour to the west, it experiences morning fogs in summer, though these typically burn off by noon.

What are the area codes near 510?

650 (San Mateo, CA);

707 (Santa Rosa, CA);

925 (Concord, CA);408/669 (San Jose, CA);

415/628 (San Francisco, CA);

510 (Oakland, CA);

530 (Redding, CA);

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