458 Area Code

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Brief introduction of 458 area code

It is very normal to be worried when a new area code is calling or appears in your phone. Where is the call coming from? Is the area code more commonly linked with scammers? The number 458 is a unique area code that serves only a specific area. If you would like know more about this area code, here are some information that might help.

458 area code

What is area code 458?

458 was first put in service February 10, 2010. It was created from area code 541.

Where is area code 458 located?

Area code 458 serves most of Oregon except Portland and Salem. It includes the cities of Eugene, Bend, Medford, Springfield, and Corvallis. It is an overlay for area code 541 and serves the same area.

What is the timezone of area code 458?

The 458 Area Code is located in the Mountain / PacificTimezone.

What is the major city in area code 458?

Eugene, city, seat (1853) of Lane county, western Oregon, U.S., on the Willamette River, adjoining Springfield to the east. The area around what became Eugene was inhabited for several centuries by Kalapuya Indians. Settled by Eugene Skinner in 1846, the city was laid out on Willamette bottomland in 1852. The town site was relocated and named Eugene City in 1853. The arrival of the Oregon and California (now Southern Pacific) Railroad in 1871 stimulated Eugene’s growth as an agricultural and lumber centre. The University of Oregon was founded there in 1872, followed by Northwest Christian College in 1895 and Lane Community College in 1965.

What are the area codes near 458?

509 (Spokane, WA);

530 (Redding, CA);

707 (Santa Rosa, CA);

775 (Reno, NV);208/986 (Idaho);

360/564 (Vancouver, WA);

458/541 (Eugene, OR);

503/971 (Portland, OR);

Is it true that 458 number is toll free?

The 458 area code is not a toll free number. Charges may apply if you are using a 458 number or if you call a 458 number.

What is the importance of choosing a local phone number?

1. Inspire trust in your Business - Research has shown that consumers often feel more comfortable calling a business that has a local phone number because they believe a local business is more likely to provide personalized service. For example, a real estate agent with a local area code may be more attractive to prospects because their business number indicates an understanding of local nuances. Use a local number to reinforce that your business is a neighborhood business that prospects and customers can trust.

2. Compete with large companies - If the service your company offers would benefit from appearing as a neighborhood business, choosing a local phone number can give you a real edge over any non-local or national competitors.

3. Save money while your business grows - It can be expensive to set up brick and mortar stores in all the locations you want to conduct business in. To avoid the expense and inconvenience of opening additional office locations, you can get multiple local numbers with EasyLine. Your business can be national but still feel local.

How do I obtain a 458 local phone number for business?

Our local numbers are affordable and can help you connect with more customers. By providing a phone number that is easy to remember, we aim to increase your brand awareness. Use your business's local phone number to connect with prospects and customers. Choose an area code and search for available local phone numbers in our extensive database. How to get a brand new phone number with EasyLine:

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