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Brief introduction of 445 area code

When you see a new area code pop up in your phone's screen, it is quite alarming. Is the call that important to answer? Should I call back? Where is it coming from? The area code 445 is a unique code created to provide service to a specific area across North America. To know more about the area code 445, you might want to continue reading.

445 area code

What is a 445 area code?

445 was first put in service March 3, 2018. It was created from area code 267.

What is the location of area code 445?

Area code 445 serves Philadelphia, PA and the surrounding areas. It is an overlay for area code 215 and serves the same area.

What timezone is used for area code 445?

The 445 Area Code is located in the EasternTimezone.

What is the major city covered by area code 445?

Philadelphia, city, seat (1833) of Neshoba county, east-central Mississippi, U.S., and headquarters of the Choctaw Indian Agency, 80 miles (130 km) northeast of Jackson. It was settled on an old Native American site, Aloon Looanshaw, following the Treaty of Dancing Rabbit Creek (1830) and was named for Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Which area codes are closest to 445?

609/640 (Trenton, NJ);

856 (Camden, NJ);

908 (Elizabeth, NJ);215/267/445 (Philadelphia, PA);

272/570 (Scranton, PA);

484/610 (Allentown, PA);

Is area code 445 a fraud?

Since there is a great number of 445 numbers used, there is a possibility that scammers might also be using 445 numbers. They tend to claim that they are calling from a company's customer service team. There is also a possibility that the goal of the scammer is to for you to call back. In this situation, you might get charged with fee for connecting with a phone call.

Are telephonic calls from 445 toll free?

Calls from area code 445 are not toll free. Charges applies to both international and local calls. Charges also applies to text messages if it is registered as "text enabled" number. The charge fee varies on the company where you receive your telecommunication services or other wireless communications services. For more information about this matter, you can ask the company about the charges for their services.

What is the significance of having a local phone number for business?

1. Be a local – You can expand your business operations to a specific location without expanding your infrastructure or opening a local office.

2. Save money: Why pay more by using only international toll-free phone numbers? When receiving calls, save money by using a local phone number.

3. Boost your advertising by getting listed in local directories and company directories.Make an impression on the people in your neighbourhood.

4. Make it simple to contact you: Your consumers won't have to pay for long-distance calls to reach you. It is simpler and less expensive to use local phone numbers.

5. Hide your number: When making outgoing calls, you may also mask your principal company number with a phone number with a local area code.

How do I obtain a certain phone number with the area code 445?

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