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What is area code 270?

270 was first put in service April 19, 1999. It was created from area code 502. In 2014, area code 364 was created and is currently an overlay to 270.

270 area code

Where does area code 270 come from?

Area code 270 is located in western Kentucky and covers Bowling Green, Owensboro, and Hopkinsville. It has a single overlay (364) that serves the same area.

What is the timezone of area code 270?

The 270 Area Code is located in the Eastern / CentralTimezone.

What is the major city in area code 270?

Bowling Green, city, seat (1866) of Wood county, northwestern Ohio, U.S., about 25 miles (40 km) south of Toledo. The site, originally a swamp wilderness, was first settled by Elisha Martindale in 1832. The town was laid out in 1835 and named for Bowling Green, Ky. The swampland, drained by German immigrants and transformed into productive farmland, now supports livestock, grain, and tomatoes. Oil was discovered in the area (1886), and a short-lived industrial boom (mainly glass manufacture) followed until the wells ran dry. The founding of a state normal school (which became Bowling Green State University in 1935) in 1910 and the construction of a large tomato-canning plant four years later boosted the city’s development. Light manufactures now include plastic and rubber products, automotive parts, mobile homes, adjustable seating, stamping dies, electrical components, floor-maintenance equipment, and chemicals. The Black Swamp Arts Festival (September) is an annual exhibition of visual arts, drama, and music by regional artists. The Wood County Historical Center and Museum is located 3 miles (5 km) southeast, on the former grounds of the county hospital and poor farm. Inc. town, 1855; city, 1900. Pop. (2000) 29,636; (2010) 30,028.

What are some of the local codes near 270?

270/364 (Bowling Green, KY);

423 (Chattanooga, TN);

502 (Louisville, KY);

573 (Columbia, MO);

606 (Ashland, KY);

615/629 (Nashville, TN);618 (Belleville, IL);

731 (Jackson, TN);

812/930 (Evansville, IN);

859 (Lexington-Fayette, KY);

865 (Knoxville, TN);

931 (Clarksville, TN);

The advantages of choosing a vanity local umber for your business

1.Local numbers provide your consumers a sense of connection to you. Clients frequently prefer to do business with companies in their own city or town. An 800 number may make your company appear impersonal or huge. Customers can save time by dialling a local number rather than an 800 number or an unfamiliar area code.

2.There is more than one number. Depending on the size and demands of your company, you may want more than one local number. For example, if you own a firm in Massachusetts that is both in Boston and partially in Western Massachusetts, you may wish to provide your clients with both a 617 and a 508 number. If you conduct business in different locations around the country, having numerous local phone numbers is also a smart idea to give your company a multi-city appeal.

3. Identical fantastic features!If you want to preserve your current local number, EasyLine can effortlessly port it. A local number also has all of the same fantastic features as a toll-free number, such as extensions and personalised greetings.

How do I get a specific phone number with 270 area code?

With EasyLine, you can get local numbers in the United States or Canada. Simply use our search engine to see whether a local phone number is available. EasyLine will meet your company's requirements. Toll-free numbers are preferable if you wish to purchase a phone number with a unique or distinctive sequence of numbers.

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