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To reach out to your local consumers, use 220 area code.
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Brief introduction of 220 area code

New area codes showing up on your phone can be really disturbing. Since spam calls are very common nowadays, it is normal to think if the caller is linked with a scammer. Area code 220 is a unique code that was created for a specific area. If you want to know more about the area code 220, you might wanna continue reading.

220 area code

What is area code 220?

220 was first put in service April 22, 2015. It was created from area code 740.

Where does area code 220 come from?

Area code 220 is located in southeastern Ohio and covers Newark, Lancaster, and Marion. It is an overlay for area code 740 and serves the same area.

What is the timezone of area code 220?

The 220 Area Code is located in the EasternTimezone.

What is the major city in area code 220?

Newark, city, New Castle county, northern Delaware, U.S. It lies just west-southwest of Wilmington. The community developed in the late 1680s around the New Worke Quaker meetinghouse, which served as an early crossroads meeting place for travelers. Nearby Cooch’s Bridge on Christina Creek was the scene (September 3, 1777) of the only significant battle of the American Revolution fought in the state. An early industrial enterprise in the locality was a paper mill built before 1798 on White Clay Creek. Newark’s industries now include the manufacture of vulcanized fibre, concrete products, and processed foods and the assembly of automobiles. Newark is the seat of the University of Delaware (founded 1743 in New London, Pennsylvania, and transferred to Newark in 1765). Inc. town, 1887; city, 1951. Pop. (2000) 28,547; (2008 est.) 29,886.

What are the area codes near 220?

220/740 (Newark, OH);

234/330 (Akron, OH);

304/681 (West Virginia);

380/614 (Columbus, OH);419/567 (Toledo, OH);

540 (Roanoke, VA);

606 (Ashland, KY);

937 (Dayton, OH);

Is area code 220 a scam?

Spam calls are very common nowadays. Since a large number of 220 numbers is used by the people in Ohio and other businesses, scammers may have also use it. Callers might claim that they calling from a company's customers service team. They use this chance to gain your trust and ask for personal information.

Is it called toll free from area code 220?

Calls from 220 numbers are not toll free. Charges applies if you call internationally or even a local call. The charges may vary in accordance to the company in where you receive your cellular mobile or paging services.

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