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What is the 219 area code?

219 was created in 1948. It was the first area code created after the originaly 86 area codes were put in place. It was split from the central Indian area code of 317. 219 was split in 2002 creating the need to update some of the phone numbers to area code 260, and again in 2002 to create area code 574.

219 area code

What is the location of area code 219?

Area code 219 is located in northwestern Indiana and covers Hammond, Gary, and Portage. It is the only area code that serves the area.

What timezone does the area code 219 belong to?

The 219 Area Code is located in the Eastern / CentralTimezone.

What is the main city in area code 219?

Hammond, city, Lake county, northwestern Indiana, U.S. It is located in the Calumet industrial complex between Chicago and Gary, on the Grand Calumet River, near Lake Michigan. It was founded in 1869 when George Hammond, a pioneer in the shipping of refrigerated beef, established with Marcus Towle the State Line Slaughterhouse. Ice from the river and inland lakes was used for packing the meat. Until it was destroyed by fire in 1901, the packinghouse was the city’s largest industry. The city, first called Hohman and then State Line because of its location on the Illinois-Indiana border, was renamed in 1873 to honour the meatpacking magnate. Handicapped by the lack of a harbour, it failed to attract the heavy industry found in neighbouring cities but did develop diversified light manufacturing. Purdue University Calumet (1946) is there. Inc. 1884. Pop. (2000) 83,048; (2010) 80,830.

What are some of the area codes around 219?

217 (Springfield, IL);

219 (Hammond, IN);

269 (Kalamazoo, MI);

574 (South Bend, IN);

708 (Cicero, IL);765 (Muncie, IN);

773 (Chicago, IL);

779/815 (Rockford, IL);

872 (Chicago, IL);

Are there any scams from area code 219?

Generally when we see area code 219 we are inclined to believe that this is from the Indiana area as this is its respective area code. Well, nowadays scammers have their way of getting their own customized number and using this to scam people.

Is a call from 219 phone number toll free?

No area code 219 is not toll free.

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