Why is EasyLine the Best for Small Businesses?

Stable calling and messaging to anywhere worldwide
with the latest technology on the market.

Affordable business phone service created for small
businesses and scales as your company grows.

Manage all your business communications in one simple
to use interface.

Top-tier business features that empower small businesses
to grow and expand.

EasyLine Transforms Small Business Growth.
We build EasyLine as the ultimate app for easy team communication.

Business Number

Get customizable local or toll-free phone numbers for your business and keep your personal and business life separate on one device.

SMS Marketing

Broadcast promotions, announcements, offers and more to multiple customers with a single tap.

Custom Voicemail

Greet your customers with care with a custom voice recording, and projects a professional first impression of your business.

Auto Reply

Your customers matter. Let them know you're on the case with EasyLine's auto-reply texts whenever you miss a call.

Custom Notes

Automatically record business calls and create helpful notes, so you'll have full context about who you're talking to and how to follow up.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Create keyboard shortcuts for friendly texts answering common questions, so you can speed up your response time.

EasyLine is your number for…
Creative AgencyBusiness ConsultingE-commerceCatering ServicesHealth & WellnessFreelancingFinancial ServicesRetailTechnologyLegalCourier ServicesReal EstateTrade Contractor

Customer reviews.

Jolene J. Milne
"It's right there in the name! EasyLine gives me a second phone number for my business in an easy-to-use app. I love having the flexibility to do all my SMS marketing and communicate with my team from a single platform. "
Brain Dixon
"After trying other business phone system apps like Sideline and Google Voice, I can definitely recommend EasyLine. The setup is so smooth, and the advanced text features have brought in loads more customers."
Ray Wilson
"I made the mistake of using a personal phone for business when I started out. But now with EasyLine, I've got all my contacts separated and I can broadcast texts to exactly the right customers. Their custom voicemail and auto-reply feature save me a ton of time."
Eileen Trice
"EasyLine has all the features that a small business needs to get started and to scale. A great tool that gets better from the very beginning."
David K. Bellew
"For text shortcuts and voicemail greetings, EasyLine is simply the best on the market for a small business like mine."
Christina Keyes
"I tried EasyLine to get a second phone number for my business about a month ago and haven't looked back since. I'm so much more productive now!"
Jeffrey Silas
"Using EasyLine lets me craft personalized, authentic messages for my customers and organize all my communication within a professional app. It's simply a game changer."
Joe S. Johnson
"EasyLine's broadcast message feature is the best out there - it beats Google Voice hands down. It was super easy to switch, and the service is tailored for small businesses like mine."

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Frequently Asked Questions.

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