Second Phone Number Specific to Your Business

You need and deserve a second phone number for your business. Opt for EasyLine and you will have exactly that, either a local or toll-free number, with which you can easily connect with customers. Once your business number is set up, you are able to identify an incoming call is from your customer, and manage both business and personal calls on one single device.

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SMS Marketing AKA Text Message Marketing

Wouldn't it be nice to send your customers updates or information about upcoming promotions through text messages? EasyLine makes it possible through its convenient SMS marketing feature. In fact, this feature is advanced to the point that text messages can be sent to several customers at the same time.

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Auto Reply for Efficient Communication

Think back to all those times you were out of the office or on another line when an important call came in. EasyLine's auto-reply feature ensures every call you miss triggers a text that is transmitted directly to your customers. This is exactly what you need to keep your communications organized and respond to incoming phone calls in a timely manner.

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Custom Notes for Easy Follow-up

By automatically recording incoming calls for your business and generating helpful notes, EasyLine provides you much-needed context that clarifies the purpose of the call, the identity of the caller and the best way to follow up for optimal efficiency. So anyone in your team will be fully aware of how to proceed without feeling a loss.

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Keyboard Shortcuts for the Utmost Efficiency

Time matters for small businesses with a limited workforce. EasyLine makes it easy for users to create their own keyboard shortcuts for information that should be transmitted to their clients, customers and partners promptly. This feature makes it easier for you to answer commonly asked questions and solve customer problems in a timely manner.

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Custom Voicemail to WOW Your Customers

Any old voicemail greeting will not suffice when customers contact your business. Opt for EasyLine's custom voicemail and callers will be greeted with a message specifically tailored to your unique business, ensuring they feel welcome and understand their business is appreciated. This is the vitally important positive first impression your business needs to fulfill its potential.

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Manage Business Contacts Separately

Worried about your EasyLine business contacts mixed up with your smartphone's personal contacts? This is where EasyLine's Business Contacts feature comes in. Store your business contacts in an area that does not overlap with your personal ones, and you will no longer run the risk of confusing them.

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Call Blacklist to Prevent Undesired Interruptions

Think back to all those annoying callers and undesired text messages that have made it difficult for your business to operate like an inefficient machine. With EasyLine's Call Blacklist feature, you can block all those unwanted callers and text messages, ensuring your team can square its focus on interacting with current/target customers that have the potential to boost your sales.

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