Smartline vs Easyline

Easyline is the best alternative to Smartline for small businesses, freelancers and solopreneurs. You'll get more customers at lower cost.

Feature comparison between
Smartline and Easyline


Unlimited SMS and MMS messaging.

Choose a US or Canada phone number.

Competitive international calls.

Conference calling.

HD calling quality.

Business contacts separation.

Business call recognition.

Incoming call notes.

No missing calls.

Client managemet.

Personalized customer support.

Auto attendant and dial-by-name directory.

Simultaneous call forwarding.

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Easyline provides your business with its own phone number together with an automated business system, cutting your cost while increasing your business efficiency. For the startup and small business owner, Easyline is truly the best Smartline alternative.

What is Goddady Smartline?

Developed by GoDaddy, Smartline is an application capable of providing a second phone number or second line for business. As an application providing a second phone number, Smartline can be used on mobile and tablet, both with the iOS and Android operating system.

Without adding a new device, Smartline is capable of separating your life and business so that users can focus on their job and customers with their personal life well protected. But the GoDaddy app has its limitations, and we explore them below in our comparison.

Why a Second Phone Number App is So Important for Small Business Startups?

Your Life Shouldn't be Mixed with Your Business.

Both your personal life and business call for focus, but it's too difficult to clearly separate them when you have only one phone number – especially as your customer base grows. As business and personal life get mixed together, you can never say “no” to incoming calls because you've no idea whether it'll bring you a huge order or a customer complaint – or perhaps it's just a spam call!

Using Smartline, or a Smartline alternative like Easyline, means everything will get easier. These apps let you split your business from your life with a second phone number. And they'll give you two contact lists to manage each easily. Handy features also include caller ID: any call from business contacts will be specially marked, so that you'll know instantly whether to take the call or not. Easyline's automated system can also lead customers to self-solve simple problems, with a friendly robot to guide the way and answer FAQs. So you can focus on the calls that matter.

A Second Phone Number Can Boost Business.

Nothing attracts more customers than an easy-to-remember phone number. A toll-free number strengthens customers' trust in your product, and a vanity number allows your number to be easily remembered. All this helps to attract more customers and grow your brand's reach and reputation.

When a memorable second phone number is used especially for your business, it will quickly become a calling card for your business. So why not get the best numbers available with Easyline?

Moreover, a second phone number can also be used to register businesses for social media accounts, giving your brand greater reach across multiple platforms and allowing you to expand your brand. All of Easyline's alternative numbers can be used to register on any social media site.

A Second Phone Number App Gives You More than a Number.

The best alternative to Smartline should be more than just a second number. The Easyline application provides your business with a second phone number, but it also offers a full suite of professional features tailored to your business needs. It provides an automated system compatible with all calling demands, including auto reply, SMS business marketing, incoming call notes, and much more!

Why is Easyline the Best Alternative to Smartline?

By comparison with Smartline, all the calls on Easyline are based on the providers' service, so high calling quality is ensured. This is the top advantage over other applications like Smartline, which are only based on internet or cellular with low call stability.

Easyline is a business phone built specifically for startups, small businesses, and individuals. As a small business owner, you'll need SMS business marketing to help promote your sales. Our leading business marketing service provides you numerous business templates and is programmable to be automated, increasing your business efficiency and order number.

Another a simple but important feature: a separate business contact list, which helps a lot with personal organization. Easyline allows users to integrate business contacts on their own to keep them separate from personal contacts on your phone. And you can know who is calling you before you pick up a phone with advanced caller ID.

For those customers who keep asking the same questions, Easyline also enables you to set up a reply template that can be automatically sent whenever customers enter keywords. So where Easyline is here to help grow your business, Smartline by GoDaddy doesn't even support the key features, let alone ones tailored to your business needs.

Last but not at least, Easyline has multiple tunnels to send notifications to its users so that any important call or message won't be missed.

If you're looking for a GoDaddy Smartline alternative, look no further than Easyline.

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