Sideline vs Easyline

Sideline limits you to a second phone number. Easyline boosts business with professional features.

Feature comparison between
Sideline and Easyline


Unlimited calling minutes.

Unlimited messaging.


Online dashboard.

Toll-free numbers.

Vanity numbers.

Call queue.

Simultaneous call forwarding to multiple numbers.

HD calling quality.

SMS business marketing.

Client management.

Personalized customer support within the app.

Set your business hours.

After-hours call handling.

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Better for Business: Easyline’s Second Phone Number App Outshines Sideline.

Sideline is best as, well, a side service – a simple option with limited features. If you want your business to take off, choose Easyline, the number one alternative for a second phone number.

What is Sideline? Like Easyline, both services offer users a second phone number on their smartphone to let you divide your communications.

Why Easyline Is the Best Alternative. There’s good reason to port to Easyline. All the calls on Easyline are based on the providers’ service, rather than poor quality alternatives, so that means high calling quality is ensured. This is the main reason it beats Sideline, which relies only on internet or cellular with low call stability.

Reach Your Customers. The SMS business marketing service on Easyline is also a unique advantage to small business owners. It provides you numerous business templates and can create automated SMS messages, increasing your business efficiency and order rate.

Keep Your Work Life Separate. Easyline allows users to integrate business contacts separately from the personal contacts on their phone. Having a separate business contact list makes our personal life much easier.

Know Who’s Calling, Instantly. Business calls handled by Easyline are easily recognizable, with caller ID shown and easy call screen options available. Being able to instantly recognize business calls is one of the key features of Easyline.

Auto-Respond. Every business has to handle repeat questions from customers. And if you’re a small team, this can waste valuable time. Easyline allows its users to set up a reply template that can be automatically sent when customers enter keywords. Easyline has multiple tunnels to send notifications to its users so that any important call or message won’t be missed.

Take Notes, Grow Business. Small businesses can now easily manage clients using Easyline’s notation feature, based on their calls, texts, so that they can grow their business in an efficient way.

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