OpenPhone vs Easyline

Easyline is the best alternative for OpenPhone. Focusing on business, Easyline lengthens your customer line.

Feature comparison between
OpenPhone and Easyline


Unlimited SMS and MMS messaging.

Choose a US or Canada phone number.

Transfer your existing number.

Local toll-free number and vanity number.

HD calling quality.

SMS business marketing.

Business contacts separation.

Business call recognition.

Incoming call notes.

No missing calls.

Client managemet.

Custom greetings and replies.

Mobile voice/data/WiFi calling.

Personalized customer support.

Auto attendant and dial-by-name directory.

Simultaneous call forwarding.

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You might be thinking, what is OpenPhone? And how does it work? Put simply, OpenPhone is an app that provides users a second phone number, routing all their calls and texts through the Internet connection.

OpenPhone's reviews leave no doubt that this mobile app has been a popular choice for users who want a second phone number based on VoIP technology. Founded in San Francisco in 2018, its service is widely used for business communication and to separate personal and work-related calls due to its low price and marketing. But OpenPhone has limitations, and there are much better alternatives out there for the small business user.

It can't be denied that its low price is truly cost effective for its basic functions. However, the features provided by OpenPhone can only meet the demands of freelancers or solopreneurs. When it comes to businesses with more than one employee, it just can't keep up with a superior alternative like Easyline, which is tailored specifically to startups and small businesses. That's why Easyline is trusted.

OpenPhone Review

OpenPhone claims to be for small businesses and startups. And it might just work if you have no employees or you just need a second phone number for your side hustle: OpenPhone is a good option for that due to its low price and unlimited calling and texting. But don't think you'll get any other features – you'll have to handle everything yourself. Its primary purpose is to offer an alternative virtual phone number for separating your personal and business life.

But with OpenPhone lacking call recognition, client management, and a host of other features, there are much better alternatives for business users on the market. For example, if you have a couple of employees, expect to expand your business, or want features that can help you grow your customer base, OpenPhone struggles to keep up.

Apart from a second phone number for business, you need more. The features OpenPhone provides center around the a second phone number itself, so the integrated features focus only on calling and messaging: you get call recording, call forwarding, voicemail transfer and custom greetings. But what about personalized customer support or an auto attendant to help boost business? Unfortunately not. However, Easyline is the perfect business alternative to OpenPhone – it's designed from the ground up with the essential target being businesspeople. It aims to help them connect with more customers, boost their business and increase their orders. So while OpenPhone is number oriented, Easyline helps look after your business as its number one priority.

Comparing Features, Easyline Beats OpenPhone

When you line up OpenPhone and Easyline, the winner is clear.

Take call quality, for example. All the calls on Easyline are based on providers' service so that a high calling quality will be ensured. This is the top advantage of Easyline over other applications that are only based on the internet or cellular data with low call stability. The SMS marketing service provided by Easyline also helps you get started quickly, increasing your business efficiency and order rate.

Compared with OpenPhone's single contact list, Easyline allows users to integrate business contacts alone to a specific number, making it easy to keep personal contacts separately on your phone. To help keep you organized, business calls on Easyline are specially identified with caller ID shown, so that you can recognize numbers instantly. Now you'll never get confused when picking up a phone call.

Every business must deal with repeat questions from customers. Easyline allows its users to set up a reply template that can be automatically sent when customers enter keywords.

With Easyline, you can get notifications from multiple tunnels so that any important call or message won't be missed. Catch all those crucial calls with Easyline! We allow small businesspeople to manage clients easily by offering notation on their calling, texts, voicemail and incoming calling, so that you can instantly capture your clients' requirements and expectations.

What's not to love? You can port your old OpenPhone number quickly and easily when you download the Easyline app. So go on, give your business a fighting chance: switch to the number one best alternative on the market.

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