Grasshopper vs Easyline

To get a basic second phone number, choose Grasshopper. To boost your business and increase customers, use Easyline.

Feature comparison between
Grasshopper and Easyline


Unlimited SMS and MMS messaging.

Choose a US or Canada phone number.

Conference calling.

Transfer your existing number.

HD calling quality.

SMS business marketing.

Business contact separation.

Business call recognition.

No missing calls.

Client managemet.

Personalized customer support.

Auto attendant and dial-by-name directory.

Simultaneous call forwarding.

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Why You Need a Second Phone Number for Your Business

For the small business owner, it's natural to start out using your personal phone number for work in addition to family and friends. But as your customer base grows, things can easily get into a mess with only one phone number for everything.

How can you provide call forwarding or professional customer support if you don't know who's calling? The answer is not easily unless you give up your personal phone number and use it solely for business communication. And what about those annoying customer calls coming through to your phone while you're out of office? If you're in this situation, you need a second phone number solely dedicated to your business – and you shouldn't have to pay the world for it!

Applications like Grasshopper and Easyline provide virtual second phone numbers to those who need an extra number without wanting to buy a whole other phone. It's a simple way to keep your professional and personal life separate.

Essential Features for a Second Phone Number System

Most apps providing a second phone number don't just contain a single alternative number. Instead, they're a whole system built around communication management, offering numerous professional services in addition to a selection of additional numbers. But for most users, there are some key features you should look out for:

Toll-free and Vanity Number

This feature sounds like an easy, obvious choice, but some VoIP providers fail to offer it. Being able to choose a local phone number is a necessary way to legitimize your small business, and toll-free numbers strengthen your brand's image and increases reliability. Vanity numbers, where you can choose your own digits, are also a great tool for marketing since the repeated numbers or industry name contained in the number help increase traffic.

High Call Quality

Customers expect a clear line with a strong connection, but this can be tricky when your service relies on VoIP. In fact, bad calling quality is one of the top disadvantages of VoIP technology. Based on WiFi or cellular data instead of the traditional landline connection, a VoIP virtual calling system will often be marked as ‘unstable', which is devastating for business. But not all services suffer from this. Some providers like Easyline have carrier-level base stations, which ensures stable calling quality.


It's essential for a second phone number system to offer extensions. These make your business communication both highly efficient and flexible, allowing customers to connect with the right department. Leading business numbers are all established with numerous extension numbers that automatically connect to the corresponding staff member or apartment.

While the Grasshopper app offers some of these essential features, reviews of its phone system indicate several important services for small business owners are missing. But is there something similar to Grasshopper specifically tailored for startups and local businesses? Absolutely!

Easyline is the Best Alternative to Grasshopper for Business

The Grasshopper phone app is a popular VoIP service provider, but it has some significant limitations. Here, we compare their service with Easyline, a second phone number service similar to Grasshopper, so you can make the best choice.

Call Quality. Unlike Grasshopper, all the calls on Easyline are based on carrier-level service to ensure high calling quality. Applications based on internet or cellular, like Grasshopper, suffer from low call stability. Much better than the VoIP calling quality, incoming and outgoing calls processed through the carrier network means superior sound quality, leaving your customers happy.

Marketing. SMS business marketing is very important for making contact with your customers. Sadly, the Grasshopper app doesn't fully support this feature. But the business marketing SMS service on Easyline provides you numerous business templates and can be set to automate SMS messages, increasing your business efficiency and orders.

Work-Life Separation. Having a separate business contact list can make your life much easier. Easyline allows users to selectively integrate only business contacts, letting you keep personal contacts on your phone. And in case you've grown tired of experiencing unexpected calls from unknown numbers, business calling on Easyline features caller ID so you know exactly who is calling you.

Template Responses. For the small business owner with maybe only one or two staff members, it's difficult to handle all the questions your customers can have. And so many of them are repeat ones! But thanks to Easyline's customizable business communication service, you can create your own reply template that answers your customers' questions when they enter keywords.

Auto Reply. Easyline also has multiple tunnels to send notifications to its users, so you won't miss any important calls or messages. You can automatically send a text wherever you are, so you can reassure your customer instantly that you're on the case.

Notation. Perhaps the best feature of Easyline, however, is the notation function. This lets you manage your clients in an easy way with notation that displays next to their calls, texts, and voicemail, so you can meet their requirements and capture their expectations instantly.

At the end of the day, there really is no excuse to avoid switching to the best Grasshopper alternative on the market. And the good news is, porting your number out is simple and easy with Easyline's downloadable app.

So, what are you waiting for? Hop on over to Easyline today for the ultimate in small business communication.

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