Never Too Late to Know: Everything You Need to Know about a Business Number

Imagine you are a boss who runs an international company and has to deal with many client affairs every day, it’s very likely that you have to make or answer thousands of phone calls, and it really annoys you, as it will interfere with your private life a lot, which also means you may have to answer calls from your clients or reply to their text messages during your after-hours. Sometimes these bothersome phone calls and messages are so mixed-up that you can’t even distinguish whether this or that is a business call or a call from your relatives or friends, in a way it’s no doubt that you will be so disturbed by the awful combination of business affairs and your private life. How terrible!


No Need for an Extra Phone for Business, a Business Number Works.

How can you keep your professional and personal lives separate? With just a few seconds of thought, many people will come up with the idea of purchasing a second phone line for work. But what if there is a simpler and more effective solution? As a matter of fact, what you really need is nothing but a business number that works. Why not get a business phone number? Having both a business and a personal line on the same phone allows you to achieve not only work-life balance and privacy protection, but it also lends you professionalism that may help you grow your business because a business number makes you look professional and successful, and it also enhances your and your company’s credibility, but you must ensure that it is used properly by speaking in a professional tone.

What is a Business Number and How Does It Work?

What is a business number? A business number is an extra phone number dedicated for business use (not for private life), a channel that your customers have to contact your company. While more and more people choose to contact through email and chat, there is still nothing more reassuring than having an actual person answering your call.

A business number works via a certain phone number app. In the app, you can talk with your customers through your own business number. And in the meantime, more business features (like Voicemail Greeting, SMS Marketing, and Auto-Reply) can be discovered in the app and put into use to boost your business.

Necessity and Benefits of a Phone Number Dedicated for Business

Why a Business Needs a Business Number

Nowadays, while different types of companies are emerging from all walks of life, clients always take the service attitude and professionalism of a company into account in order to choose their suitable partners. By setting up a business number as an official channel of customer service, countless opportunities for business cooperation can be seized.

Why an Individual Needs a Business Number

If you work in a certain company, no matter how big the company is, you must have a lot of phone calls to get every day. However, if you only have one number, which means your private messages and working affairs mingle within your phone, your work and personal life can be inseparable and may miss some important calls from your relatives and friends. In this way, registering a business number can be the best solution. One phone, two numbers, one for work, one for life. Then you are able to work and live in a cozier and more comfortable way. (You can designate business hours and set up a voicemail greeting for the missing calls.)

Where and How to Get a Business Phone Number, Reliable but Low Cost?

Get a Landline as a Business Number

Only fools will buy another landline to carry out their work because applying for a landline is too complicated and it also requires a sum of money. Trust me, there does exist a better and faster way for you to get a BUSINESS NUMBER.

Get an Extra SIM Card as a Business Number

If you choose to buy an extra SIM Card together with a new phone to deal with your business calls, well, it is clear that you are not a 100% fool, but it is still not the best choice for you. A smartphone does lighter than a landline, however, it may still cost you some money to buy these two things. Is there another way that is even better than this?

Get a Business Number from a Number App

Have you ever imagined using two phone numbers within one phone without a second SIM Card? If there is a way that can allow us to achieve this goal, why not try it? All you need to do is to download a reliable number app, and then register a second number. Congratulation! You’ve chosen the best way to get a BUSINESS NUMBER.

A Comparison among three ways

Below, there is a comparison sheet that gives all the pros and cons of three major ways to get a BUSINESS NUMBER. Hope you can find the most suitable and easiest one and try it.

 Get a landlineGet an extra SIM Card and a phoneGet a BUSINESS NUMBER from a free number app

A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Get a Free Phone Number for Business

It only takes four steps to complete the operation. Here’s a simple guide for you:

Step 1. Download EasyLine app and open it.

Step 2. Search for any US area code, such as 201,203 and 347.

Step 3. Choose a local number you like.

Step 4. Confirm your number and get your EasyLine.

Why Phone Number Apps are So Popular Now?

Get a Second Number for Personal Phone

You do need and deserve a second phone number for your business. Try EasyLine and you will have your own special one, either a local or toll-free number, with which you can easily connect with clients and customers. Once your second number is set up, you are able to identify an incoming call from your customer and manage both business and personal calls on one single device.

Low Cost

When encountering multiple choices, people will always choose a relatively cost-effective one to attain their goals. Compare with getting a landline and buying another SIM Card, downloading a free number app and registering a second number with minimal capital investment seems to be the best choice.

Excellent Features

An excellent number app should have the following useful functions: easy access to a second phone number, SMS Marketing, Auto Reply, Custom Notes, Keyboard Shortcuts, Custom Voicemail, Business Contacts, Call Blacklisting… Luckily, we’ve found you a brilliant app that contains all the functions above — EasyLine.

Protect Privacy

There is no other thing in the world that is more disturbing than getting random calls on your personal phone number, whether it’s robocalls or telemarketers. If you post your personal number on your personal websites like Twitter and Facebook, there is no doubt that you’ll get tons of calls and messages from strangers. Therefore, having a business number helps you avoid this kind of risk by separating working calls and intimate calls. Now you don’t have to worry about privacy disclosure any more.

Bonus: Get a Real US Number for Free

After browsing so much relevant information about BUSINESS NUMBER and knowing the easiest way to get it, you must have been eager to have your own personal one. Here EasyLine is strongly recommended, for all users can have an opportunity to get a free US number, and a chance to experience other useful and wonderful functions.

  • SMS Marketing: An easy way to send several customers updates or information about upcoming promotions at the same time through text messages.
  • Auto Reply: Keeping your communications organized and responding to incoming phone calls in a timely manner.
  • Custom Notes: Automatically recording incoming calls and generating helpful notes that clarify the identity of the caller and the purpose of the call.
  • Keyboard Shortcuts: Creating your own personalized keyboard shortcuts and answering commonly asked questions in a timely manner.
  • Custom Voicemail: Callers will be greeted with a voicemail message specifically tailored to your unique business that will make them feel welcome and appreciated.
  • Call Blacklisting: Blocking any annoying callers and text messages.

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