How to Get Two Numbers on Your Cell Phone

You may have already known several benefits of having two numbers with one phone, and the most obvious one is you are able to easily deal with your business and life. As it will cost you quite a lot of money buying another smartphone, who wants to do this? By using a second number app, you’ll experience the benefits of having two completely separate numbers on just one device. This article aims to help you know the necessities of having two lines on your unique phone and make you fully understand the specific operations of obtaining a second or even more number on your phone if you’d like to know.

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Why is it Necessary to Have Two Lines on One Cell Phone?

Running Business on Your Mobile

The most important reason why you have to get a second line on your phone is that you can run and boost your business via this line. This can be applied to all kinds of companies of different sizes. For startups, you’ll need a secondary number to field sales calls, media inquiries, set automatic greetings, and get in touch with job applicants who want to join you. When your company expands, you may need to set office hours (as you don’t want to answer business calls when you’re off work) and various voicemail greetings. Remember, you should never use your personal phone number, as it seems to be too unprofessional. Instead, using a second virtual line is a good choice.

Protecting Your Privacy

Whenever you register for an account on a web or an app, you acquiesce to the safety and privacy terms of the supplier, which means you have to release all information that the supplier needs. However, not all companies store your data without the intention of disclosing your private data for profits; there are also hackers who hack your personal information including your number, and sell it for profits. Therefore, you can give a second number to the Internet so that next time you hear the news that an app you use has a data breach, you are able to feel released by knowing your personal number is being kept secure.

Balancing Your Work and Life

Well, keeping your work and life separate is an important issue. For individuals, no one wants to deal with his or her work during the after-hours. No one wants to see work messages or answer business calls when finally finishing a day’s work. If you set up your working hours and a professional voicemail greeting in advance, a dedicated business number allows you to filter business calls when you’re off work and reminds you of missed calls on the second day, meanwhile making callers feel that they’re valued.

Benefits Related to Your Life

Actually, there are many other benefits of having two lines on one cell phone, benefits related to the daily lives of everyone. Take it as an example: big-box chains and online vendors usually demand consumers’ phone numbers to improve their marketing reach. To join the membership for saving or promotions, you’ll have to give out your number. However, those annoying marketing messages and phone calls are coming to your phone all the time. How about giving a second number to those vendors? By doing this, you’ll not be bothered by those messages anymore. Or, when you have an online date, sometimes you’ll have to exchange your number with your date. But what if you feel uncomfortable when talking with this guy after the number exchange? You don’t have to lie about your second number. So next time when you’re on a date, you’d better give out your second number first, and then your real number after knowing each other better.

How Can I Have Two Numbers on One Phone?

By using one certain second number app, you’ll experience the following benefits:

Cost Saving

There is no need to buy an extra smartphone or another SIM card which definitely will cost you quite a lot of money. To have two or more numbers, all you need to do is to find a second number app and just spend a little bit of time and money (sometimes even free) on it. For all, it is a cost-effective choice.

Personalized Numbers

Most of the second number apps offer you various choices, so you have the chance to personalize your second number by choosing the exact number type and the plan. As for number types, generally, you’ll have to decide which one is the best among local, international, toll-free, and vanity numbers. As for plans, different apps provide different plans with different features and prices. Choose the right number type and plan, and you’ll maximize the role of your second number.

Portability & Flexibility

Smartphone has become a necessity for people. It is small, light, portable but intricate. Anywhere and anytime, people can always use it to do a lot of things. Why not add a new useful feature to your phone? By downloading a second number app, you can take this number with you to any place in the world and do more things. In addition, some second number apps can be downloaded on computer and tablet so that you can also use these two devices to deal with your business.

Wonderful Features for Business

For companies, an excellent number app should have useful functions like SMS Marketing, Auto Reply, Custom Notes, Keyboard Shortcuts, Custom Voicemail, Business Contacts, Call Blacklisting, and so on. These features can greatly improve your work efficiency. So if you don’t know what an excellent number app is, EasyLine is recommended for you.

How to Get a Business Number on Your Cell Phone

The necessity to Get a Second Phone Line Dedicated for Business

Improve Efficiency

How to maximize profits via a separate business phone number? There is no doubt that the answer is to do more things within less time. For companies, the ability to process large amounts of information in a short time is crucial to making more profits. You can explore many useful features that do improve your work efficiency in the second number app you’ve chosen. For example, using SMS Marketing to send several customers updates or information about upcoming promotions at the same time; using Custom Notes to follow up missed calls for optimal efficiency; using Keyboard Shortcuts to reply to customers in a timely manner.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

A business number dedicated to your company may significantly improve customer service and satisfaction. It may be disappointed when you are attempting to contact a certain company but can’t find their contact information. If you still post your personal number on those social media platforms, you should be careful that your number may be disclosed for malicious purposes. However, if you introduce a business number to customers, it makes it simple for them to get in touch with you and keep your personal number private at the same time.

Gain Professionalism & Credibility

When it comes to impressing a potential customer or client, the initial impression is crucial. Using a dedicated business number helps you in doing this by making your firm appear professional and successful, and meanwhile boosting your credibility. If you use a personal phone number, you won’t be able to gain this kind of trust from your customers and clients.

How to Get a Business Landline for Your Mobile

For business owners, what they need more is a business landline rather than a phone number, as a landline makes them look more formal and professional. But as a matter of fact, a traditional landline, which is bulky and always needs a telephone wire, is very inconvenient to use (usually it can only be used in the office). Is there a way to carry a business landline with you? Well, by using a second number app, this bulky device can be put into a smartphone within just a few minutes.

Without an Extra Device Needed, How to Get a Business Number from Number Apps

Benefits of Getting a Business Number via Number Apps

By getting a dedicated business number via number apps, you can enjoy high-quality number service at a price much lower than that when buying another smartphone, without your pockets bulging with electronics. The process of getting a number in those apps is also very easy: you can get a brand-new number in just a few simple steps. Besides, most of the number apps provide several features that really improve your business efficiency and help you grow your business, and these effective features do matter.

Steps of Getting a Business Number via Number Apps

First of all, you need to choose one number app that suits you most due to your personalized requirements, as there are various number apps on the app market, and different apps provide different features and plans. Here’s an article covering the top 10 business phone number apps in 2021 that may help you to decide which one is the best for you.

After downloading the app, what you need to do is to follow the step-by-step guide below to add a second business line to your phone. It is not complicated at all and will only take 3 minutes to complete the whole process.

How to Add a Second Phone Number to Your Mobile

EasyLine provides small businesses with easy-to-use, affordable, and mobile number systems. Wherever you are, EasyLine will always be there for you to help you increase efficiency and expand your business. EasyLine app is available on both App Store and Google Play. If you don’t know how to add a second phone number to your mobile by using EasyLine, please read on carefully.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Add a Second Phone Number to iPhone

The very first step is to open App Store and search for EasyLine. After that, you’ll find EasyLine at the top of the search results. Just download it, and when the process is done you can open it up. Here you need to choose the number type from local, vanity, and toll-free and search for a number you like. Finally, confirm this number and you’ve successfully added a second line to iPhone.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Add a Second Phone Number to Android

The whole process to get a second number to Android is quite similar to the process on iPhone. The very first step is to open Google Play and search for EasyLine. After that, you’ll find EasyLine at the top of the search results. Download it, and when the process is done you can open it up. Here you need to choose the number type from local, vanity, and toll-free and search for a number you like. Finally, confirm this number and get your EasyLine.

Bottom Line

  • It is necessary to have two lines on your phone, as it can benefit your work and life a lot.
  • By using a second number app, you’ll enjoy the convenience and flexibility of your number.
  • You can get a dedicated number for business on your cell phone without an extra device or another SIM card.
  • You can easily add a second number to your smartphone by following the step-by-step guide.

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