Never Miss Any Call with Business Call Forwarding Feature

What do clients care about most when choosing a cooperative business partner? Definitely, it’s the company’s professionalism. But don’t forget customer service experience, which is also a crucial factor. Then how to improve these two factors? Well, in the following article, you’ll find the answer, that is, to use Business Call Forwarding feature. This feature allows you to answer any call from your clients wherever you are and, in the meantime, tell your clients that their calls are important to you. Do you know what is Call Forwarding and how does it boost business? Hope you can find the exact answer when you finish reading this article.

What is Call Forwarding?

Call Forwarding, or call diversion is a phone feature of some phone switching systems which redirects a phone call to another destination. To better understand what Call Forwarding is, you can divide a forwarded call into two calls, one is the incoming call from the person that called your number, the other is the outgoing call from your phone company to the destination you selected. These two calls are connected by the phone company so that the caller and the person answering at the forwarding destination may speak with one another.

When you enable the Call Forwarding feature on your phone, it allows you to transfer all the calls you’ve received to another phone you’ve directed. Once you switch it on, callers will be directly connected to the forwarding destination when they call your number. Meanwhile, they will also realize their calls are forwarded by noticing the specific network message, music on hold, different ring signal, and delay before ringing.

How does Call Forwarding Boost Business?

Break Space Limitations and Increase Your Availability

Every company needs an official landline to deal with clients. However, due to the limitations of the landline itself, you cannot take it with you and have to be tied to your office desk waiting for important calls from your clients. And while you have to sit in your office to answer clients’ calls, the loss of productivity may frustrate you a lot. Therefore, by using the feature of Call Forwarding, you become able to transfer all the calls received by the landline to your mobile phone, and you just need to pick up these calls at anywhere if you’re available, which really increases your productivity.

Maintain Client Contact

Clients sometimes may need to talk with companies or business mergers or the like for a business deal to go through. However, if their contact person is not available at the moment, they may decide to cancel the meeting or even more severely, cancel the deal. If you turn on Call Forwarding and successfully set the numbers up in advance, it can never happen to you! Whenever you’re outside the office, callers to your number can be diverted to your mobile phone or your colleague who is familiar with your program and your clients. So the calls can never be missed, a close relationship between you and your client is maintained, and your deal remains safe.

Establish a Good Company Image

When buying a product or a service, it is nearly in every customer’s mind that things made by larger companies are better choices. For small companies, how can they look larger and more professional? The answer is clear: the very first thing you need to do is to turn on Call Forwarding. And then your company looks more professional because the customer service experience is enhanced by making your customers feel that they are valued and cared for.

How to Forward Calls on iPhone

The very first step is to open “Settings”. Slide down the page and find “Phone”. Open it. And then you’ll find Call Forwarding. Then wait for the system to detect and display the option switch of “Call Forwarding. When the option switch comes out, click to open it. Then you can choose the calls to transfer according to your needs. You can transfer all calls or set up different customs by yourself. After you switch on the “Custom” option, you can choose from “Busy”, “No Answer” and “Unreachable”. For example, if you choose “Unreachable”, you have to enter the number to be transferred. Remember to enter the correct number here, otherwise, the call transfer setting will fail. After entering the number, just go back to the former page. If the number is set successfully, you’ll see the number displayed on the “Unreachable” column. If you don’t see it, it means that the setting is failed. Please check whether the number is entered incorrectly.

How to Forward Calls on Android

First, you need to open your mobile phone and enter the initial page. Generally, there is a phone-like sign under the screen. Just click it. Then, you’ll find there are two options, “Harassment Interception” and “Settings”. Choose the latter one. In “Settings”, pull down to find “Call Forwarding”, and click the button. You’ll see that there are several ways to transfer calls: “Unconditional”, “Busy”, “No Answer”, and “Unreachable”. Wait until it is all loaded before practicing the process. The meaning of “Unconditional” is that in any case, the transfer is issued, and you can fill in the number. If you are “Busy”, there is a self-contained number in the box. You can also choose one by yourself, and then click to open. If you choose “No Answer”, the process is the same as “Busy”. And the last item, “Unreachable” has an original number that you can make disable or change.

How to Forward Calls from Landline to Cell Phone

There are generally 2 steps to successfully transfer your landline to a cell phone while ensuring you keep the number you’ve had for years. Step 1: you need to check if your landline is eligible because not all landline numbers can be made mobile. If so, you are free to forward or transfer your landline to your cell phone. If not, unfortunately, you lose the chance to forward calls from this landline to your cell phone. Step 2: Choose how you want to move your number.

There are four options for you, and you have to choose one to move your number:

  1. Forward calls from your landline to your cell phone.
  2. Forward the landline number to your cell phone.
  3. Transfer or port your number to a cell phone.
  4. Keep your existing landline phone hardware, but leave your provider.

The second to fourth options serve as replacements instead of additions to your current landline service, which means you can get rid of your landline altogether but keep your landline number and move it on to a cell phone, while the first option keeps your landline and you just can contract with your landline provider.

How to Forward Calls on Verizon

You can either turn on Call Forwarding in My Verizon or using your mobile phone, call *72+the 10-digit number that you want to forward your calls to. If you only want to forward the calls you don’t answer on your phone, call *71+the 10-digit number. Prepaid accounts can only manage Call Forwarding by phone, not through My Verizon. If you want additional help, you can watch Verizon’s official teaching video How to Set Up Call Forwarding video or get step-by-step instructions for the My Verizon app or My Verizon website. Due to the complex setting steps, it is strongly recommended that you read the step-by-step guide on the official website carefully.

How to Forward Calls on T Mobile

You can set up Call Forwarding to forward all your calls immediately, or you can set it up to forward if you don’t answer the call, if your phone is turned off, or if you’re out of signal range. But before setting it, you need to be aware of the following notifications: You can’t forward call to an international number (you can only forward call to 10- or 11-digit numbers), and forwarding while roaming depends on the host country’s network capabilities.  Below, there is a step-by-step guide collected from T Mobile’s official website.

Call Forwarding Unconditional
  1. From the Home screen, select Menu.
  2. Scroll to and select Settings.
  3. Scroll to and select Call Settings.
  4. Scroll to and select Call Forwarding.
  5. Select Voice Calls.
  6. Select All Voice Calls.
  7. Select Activate.
  8. Choose the desired option:
  9. Forward to another number

Select To New Number.

Enter the number, select Options, and then select Done. Select OK.

  • Forward to voicemail

Select To Voicemail Box.

Select OK.

Call Forwarding Conditional
  1. From the Home screen, select Menu.
  2. Scroll to and select Settings.
  3. Scroll to and select Call Settings.
  4. Scroll to and select Call Forwarding.
  5. Select Voice Calls.
  6. Select Forward All Conditional Calls.
  7. Select Activate.
  8. Select To New Number.
  9. Enter the number, select Options, and then select Done.
  10. Scroll to select how much time elapses before the incoming call is forwarded.
  11. Select OK. If you receive an ‘Unfinished’ error message, you need to turn off unconditional forwarding: Select All Voice Calls, and then select Deactivate.

How to Forward Calls on Sprint

Below, there is a step-by-step guide collected on for you to set up Call Forwarding.

First of all, you need to choose from three options: “Unconditional Call Forwarding”, “Conditional Call Forwarding-No Answer” and “Conditional Call Forwarding-Busy”. Then, if you choose the first option, please press *72 from the phone, followed by a 10-digit forwarding number. If you choose “Conditional Call Forwarding-No Answer”, press *73, followed by a 10-digit forwarding number. If you choose the last one, press *74, followed by a 10-digit forwarding number. And then, press “Talk”. The calling feature has been activated or alert tones are heard when the call forwarding is activated.

How to Forward Calls on AT&T

It only needs three steps to set up Call Forwarding in AT&T. First of all, perform the Off-Hook action with your Home Phone connected to the Wireless Home Phone. Then, Dial *21+10-digit number+#. Wait several seconds for a confirmation tone for the forwarding to complete before hanging up. After hearing the confirmation tone, all calls will be forwarded to the selected number. If you still do not figure out how to forward calls, take this as an example: *21*4045557645# forwards calls to the number 404-555-7645.

How to Forward Calls on Straight Talk

Below, there is a step-by-step guide collected on for you to set up Call Forwarding.

To enable Call Forwarding, first tap the “Phone” icon at the bottom of the screen. Then, dial *72, followed by the area code and phone number that you want your calls forwarded to. Tap the “Phone” icon. The call will be connected and then disconnected. All calls will now be forwarded automatically, and you will not receive them on this handset until Call Forwarding is disabled. Congratulations! Now you’ve finished this tutorial. Now you can go and give it a try!

How to Stop Call Forwarding?

Actually to stop Call Forwarding on your mobile device is easier than to set it up. And the operation in the above mobile phones and apps are quite similar, so knowing how to stop Call Forwarding in one device means that you’ve mastered the operation of nearly all phones and apps. Here you can take how to stop Call Forwarding on Straight Talk as an example: to disable Call Forwarding, dial *73. Tap the “Phone” icon. The call will be connected and then disconnected. And finally, Call Forwarding is now disabled, and you will receive all incoming calls on this handset.

How to Turn off Call Forwarding on iPhone

If you’d like to turn off call forwarding, you can go to the Phone section of the “Settings”. Pull down until you see “Phone”, and just tap it. Then, tap “Call Forwarding”. Finally, turn off Call Forwarding by swiping the button to the left. On Android the turning off operation is similar.

Stop Paying for Your Business Landline, Use a Business Number Instead

Although the feature of call forwarding sounds convenient on a landline, the cost of a landline for business is a little unbearable, which is especially true for small businesses. Nevertheless, a landline number is a necessity for businesses because it provides advantages like branding boosting, strengthening image, etc.

Here comes a better solution for small businesses, that is, get a business landline number for your cell phone.

On one hand, a landline number for business from a number application is cheap and it almost supports all features provided by landline numbers (sometimes it provides more) like call forwarding.

On the other hand, having a business landline number on a smartphone is convenient and low cost, which is an inevitable consideration when it comes to business running.

Embrace Call Forwarding Feature on EasyLine

Luckily, in EasyLine, you can also find this brilliant Call Forward feature. With this feature, you always can keep connected with your customers by sending their incoming calls to a phone you can answer, so you’ll never miss any calls from now on. Below, there’s a step-by-step guide for you to turn on and off this feature in EasyLine.

  • Step 1. Open EasyLine and find “Settings” at the bottom.
  • Step 2. Find “Call Settings” and tap to open.
  • Step 3. Tap to switch on/off “Forward Calls to Number”.
  • Step 4. Tap “Add New Extension” or choose one that you already have.

Congratulation! You’ve followed all steps and set up Call Forwarding successfully. Please enjoy it!

Bottom Line

  • Call Forwarding allows you to transfer all the calls you’ve received to another phone of your choosing.
  • Call Forwarding does boost your business in several aspects.
  • Above, there’s a complete guide for you to know how to forward calls from and to any device.
  • Just embrace the Call Forwarding feature on EasyLine.

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