Voicemail Forwarding – All You Need to Know

It’s quite common to hear about call forwarding, but have you ever tried voicemail forwarding? For people in some specific professions like customer service, voicemail forwarding is a very useful tool to improve their work efficiency. Others might do not know what it is, but probably need it under some circumstances. If you don’t know what it is, this article may help you establish a full understanding of it.

Anyway, it’s not difficult to use this simple but useful function on your phone as long as an application is used.

Can a Voicemail be Forwarded?

You may ask: can I forward a voicemail to someone else? Fortunately, yes.

Similar to calls, voicemail can be forwarded to others with the feature of voicemail forwarding. It’ll be better if you know what it is, why it is important for business, and when you should use it before using it immediately.

What is Voicemail Forwarding?

Everybody knows call forwarding, right? In fact, the feature of call forwarding has been widely used in people’s daily life when calls are not convenient to be received but they should not be missed out for economical profits.

Think about every situation when you call some large companies with a clear division of labor, if the receiver is not in charge of your business, your call will be automatically rerouted to the right staff who is in charge. Actually, voicemail forwarding is alike.

It is also similar to forwarding any email, text message, or chat to someone else or your other devices. The only difference lies in the fact that the thing to be forwarded under such an occasion is an audio file instead of a message.

Voicemail Forwarding, as its name implies, is a very useful feature available on some mobile devices, phone apps, and computers that help users receive voicemail and forward it to teammates, colleagues, or different devices.

Why is Voicemail Forwarding Important for Business?

Customer service is never an easy task! For a customer service agent who is always online, it is their duty to receive and respond to customers’ questions in a timely manner. However, during certain holiday seasons, they may be too busy to deal with tons of customer inquiries, and there must be some forgotten ones. In this case, voicemail forwarding can be very useful for them. While they are replying to one customer, they can forward other customers’ voicemails to their colleagues that are able to handle those voicemails. So in this way, their working efficiency will be easily improved.

What’s more, using voicemail forwarding can also reduce misunderstandings. This is because voicemail forwarding is a two-way process, that is to say, not only can you forward your customers’ voicemails to your colleagues, but you can also forward your colleagues’ voicemails to your customers in turn. Therefore, when you are occupied by one customer and have to deal with another at the same time, you can act like a middleman who delivers the voicemails from both sides, so that all of your customers will feel that they’ve been valued.

When Should Voicemail Forwarding be Used for Business?

Sometimes, when you receive a funny voicemail, you may share it with your family or friends, as you want to make them entertained together.

For those who work in a job related to sales or customer support, voicemail forwarding is really needed and is quite useful. In many cases you’ll forward customers’ voicemail messages to others in your company, and it’s the easiest and most intuitive way to share their voicemails directly with others without turning them into text or rewriting them. In this way, customers’ tone and mood are retained and transmitted to the greatest extent.

You may need to use voicemail forwarding in the following situations:

  1. A customer’s voicemail you received is more relevant to your colleague or teammate’s job.
  2. You are currently busy with other calls so that you forward a customer’s voicemail to your colleague who is temporarily free.
  3. A customer sends you a voicemail to show his/her appreciation to your company and you share it with all of your colleagues.
  4. You take over the work of another colleague and want to verify an issue through forwarding a customer’s voicemail to your colleague.
  5. You want to hand over your customer’s issue to someone else.

How to Forward a Voicemail?

How to Forward a Voicemail on Android

The bad news, almost all Android phones are not equipped with the feature of voicemail forwarding. If you’re an Android user, you probably need to install an app supporting this feature in order to forward voicemails when it is needed in your business. For businessmen, especially those who own a small business, EasyLine is strongly recommended. It can be found on Google Play and is very easy to install and use.

With EasyLine successfully installed on your Android, what you should do next is to spend about three minutes setting up the rules and get familiar with voicemail forwarding. The steps are shown as follows:

Step 1. Open EasyLine app.

Step 2. Find the “Settings” at the bottom and tap it to open.

Step 3. Search for the Voicemail tab, and then choose the way of forwarding voicemails.

Step 4. If you choose to send voicemails via a message, you need to type down the phone number you want to send the message and switch it on. If you choose to send voicemails via email, you just need to choose this option and type down the email address.

How to Forward a Voicemail on iPhone

Luckily, for iPhone users, it’s easier to forward voicemails, because, with iPhone, you can record your own voicemail and forward it directly to others via SMS, email, and some apps. iPhone users can also forward their voicemails via EasyLine if they call for a professional business voicemail forwarding feature. The steps are shown as follows:

Step 1. Find the EasyLine app and open it.

Step 2. Tap the “Voicemail” at the bottom of the page on the right.

Step 3. Choose the voicemail that you want to forward and tap.

Step 4. Tap the “Share” button and then you’ll see various ways of sharing.

Step 5. Choose one way to share your voicemail message. If you want to share with EasyLine users, you can also tap “EasyLine” and then perform specific operations in EasyLine.

Bottom Line

  • It’ll be better if you know what it is, why it is important for business, and when you should use it before using it immediately.
  • Here’s a step-by-step guide for you to try voicemail forwarding on Android or iPhone.

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