9 Must-Use Apps for Uber or Lyft Drivers to Improve Orders and Convenience

If you have a car and enough spare time, and if you want to earn extra money, you are strongly recommended to become an Uber or Lyft driver.

If you ARE now an Uber or Lyft driver, do you expect to improve orders and convenience? That’s for sure.

To improve orders and convenience as an Uber or Lyft driver, 9 apps should never be missed out.


A navigation app is a useful and worthy tool for Uber or Lyft drivers, especially for those who are not familiar with their city’s roads. The reasons why a navigation app is so important can be stated from the following aspects:

  • Guide the right way forward.
  • Provide the nearest route to the destination.
  • Possess a voice to promote function.
  • Offer a Bluetooth hands-free device.

Here are some navigation apps that are worthy of your consideration.

Waze (free) 

Waze is regarded as “the world’s largest community-based traffic and navigation app”, and it is a free app designed to make drivers happy. The app offers real-time and up-to-the-minute road conditions sourced from its users on the road.

Google Maps (Free)

Google Maps is reliable and readily available to be used on most smartphones. This app can show you almost specific routes to take and leave you spare to decide to take which one suits you most.

#2. A Mileage Tracking App

A mileage tracking app can be used to calculate how much money you’ve received per mile so that you’ll know whether it is worth it for you to receive orders again. Besides that, according to the policy of deduction, the more your driving mileage is, the more tax you need to pay for. Under this condition, a mileage tracking app can offer you the best driving route to decrease tax. Here are some recommended apps as follows:

Stride Tax (Free)

Stride Tax tracks the mileage and shows you how much money you’ll pay via the tax deduction. After the end of a year, the app will offer you an IRS summary of total expenses and miles, thus you can easily figure out how much money you have paid and how much money you have saved.


Hurdlr allows you to record your mileage and expenses and offers you a real-time estimate of your tax deduction. Compared with Stride Tax, it offers additional services including bank account monitoring, invoicing and other extra features too.


MileIQ is another mileage tracking app. It possesses the same function as the above two, besides that the main defining difference from the former two is that MileIQ offers users a weekly generated report. These detailed descriptions are customizable and may be organized in any way you see fit.

#3. A Payment App

Among all kinds of apps deserving your attention, a payment app is the one that you should pay more attention to, because it has a close relationship with your income, and even decide your mood.


Paypal is one of the most widely used third-party payment tools in the world. It is committed to providing individuals and businesses with secure, simple and convenient online payment and receipt services via mail.

#4. A Finance App

Considering the nature of being an Uber or Lyft driver that you yourself determine how many orders you receive, and when and how to pick up customers, it is necessary for you to download a finance app, which not only helps you maximize your income, but also avoids an IRS audit when tax time comes.

Quick Books Self-Employed

Quick Books Self-Employment is designed for mobile users filing as self-employed and is the go-to option for businesses around the world.

Wave (Free)

Wave is an app that helps drivers track driving expenses via their bank account and receipt imaging. It offers some other services at the same time, such as invoicing and payroll, besides that drivers can use this app free from charge without restrictions or limits. Wave is suitable most for those drivers who prefer to spend as little excess money as possible.

#5. A Second Phone Number App

As a driver having a close tie with customers, a second phone number app is recommended for you best. If you do not want to mix your personal life with your work and if you do not want to receive harassing callings and messages, it is time for you to have a second phone number.


Easyline offer users a second phone number on their smartphone to let you divide your communication. It has a lot of characteristics:

  • Offer a Second Phone Number Specific.
  • Offer SMS marketing and AKA text message marketing.
  • Possess auto-reply for efficient communication.
  • Use keyboard shortcuts for the utmost efficiency.

#6. A Gas App

It is known to all that the farther you drive, the more you pay for your car, which means that your mileage determines the number of your usage of gas, and it affects your income in return. Nowadays, the price of gas keeps increasing, in order to cut down your expense, you should not only choose the most suitable route, but also try to search for a gas station providing the cheapest gas. If you want to acquire it and do not willing to search for it driving around the whole city, you’d better get a gas app.

Gas Buddy (Free)

Gas buddy not only offers you crow-sourced information, but helps you figure out which locations are offering the lowest price per gallon for any fuel type. Thus, you can easily find the cheapest gas prices near you.

#7. A Weather App

Weather conditions can decrease your income but increase your income in return. Although the groups who decide to play far away from home decrease, the groups that have to go to work but have no private cars increase in bad weather. With a weather app, you can make it clear how the weather is in recent a week, thus you can make a plan when starting from home, and where to wait for customers ahead of time.

Weather Underground (Free)

Weather Underground allows drivers to acquire up-to-date weather information or to plan out the next week and a half with the fabulous 10-day forecast view.

Accuweather (Free)

Accuweather permits drivers to check allergen levels, temperature, and any other metric. And it offers one of the best-extended forecasts in meteorology.

#8. A Roadside Assistance App

As a saying goes, if you always walk around the river, your shoes must be wet, that is to say, a roadside assistance app is useful and unavoidable for you to download in advance. It can help you deal with some troubles and make you calm down. The following apps are all good choices.

Honk (Free)

Honk Honk can expect 24/7 roadside assistance, such as engine failure, within 15-30 minutes after calling for help. In the event that something a bit more drastic is required, Honk provides towing services as well.

Urgently (Free)

Compared with Honk, Urgently provides drivers with the common useful services, like lock-out assistance, but also offers fuel assistance.

#9. An Automated App Helping with Busywork

Such condition is frequently met by drivers that two hands are not enough for both driving and replying to phone calls and texts. However, customers won’t wait for you to get ready. They may book a trip at any time. To catch those moments for the opportunities to make extra money, you would need EasyLine to help you.

EasyLine is featured with autoreply and voicemail. EasyLine’s auto-reply feature ensures every call you miss triggers a text that is transmitted directly to your customers. And voicemail could let your caller know you’re still there for them and how they can best get in contact with your business.

Bottom Line

  • With a car and enough free spare time, being an Uber or Lyft driver can be a good idea.
  • For Uber and Lyft drivers, the above 9 apps are all worthy of your consideration if you want to improve orders or convenience.

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