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What is EasyLine and How EasyLine Works

What is EasyLine?

EasyLine is an easy-to-use app adding an alternative business number to a smartphone. Specifically designed for small business communication and management, EasyLine helps number owners to manage life and work in a methodical way with one single device. And its top-tier business features are also beneficial to empower customer retention and development.

EasyLine can be Free downloaded on any iOS or Android device, smartphone, or tablet. With an account created, EasyLine users will be able to get another real number without an extra device. All business owners’ privacy is well protected by redirecting the calls and messages through the app so that customers see the EasyLine number only. In this way, business owners’ personal numbers will be avoided being possibly exposed to uncertain individuals or organizations.

Up to now, only US numbers are offered on EasyLine but we are constantly looking into international numbers and calls.

What Features EasyLine Provides?

EasyLine comes with powerful calling, messaging, and productivity tools like auto-reply, custom voicemail, separate business contacts, SMS marketing, and keyboard shortcuts to simplify business communications and supercharge business.

Add a Number in Your Area Code

If you call for a local number, sign up EasyLine and choose one with your area code at will. It works as a real number enabling you to contact anyone anywhere, no matter if the one you call, or text has downloaded EasyLine on his or her device.

Protect Personal Number with an EasyLine Number

Suppose your registered number is A, and your EasyLine number is B. When EasyLine users call customers with number B, number A will never be known so that their privacy will be able to be well protected.

Making a call

Making a call with EasyLine means the recipient only sees the EasyLine number with a personal number staying private. EasyLine number works like a Middleman so that the recipient can never find your private number.

Receiving a call

When others make a phone call to your EasyLine number, your phone will display that EasyLine is calling you. With notification turned on, you will be reminded of any EasyLine call.


EasyLine users are allowed to text to others within EasyLine, and the recipient will find a message just like any other normal message. And when others text to you, you will be notified that you have got an EasyLine message. Only your EasyLine number is shown to the recipient.

Customize Your EasyLine Features Based on Your Needs

Inbox View

Inbox view can record all the phone calls and messages sent or received from your EasyLine number.

Send a Message

Send a message within EasyLine and the recipient will receive a normal message from your EasyLine number-your personal number will stay private.

Placing a Phone Call

When you call with your EasyLine number, the recipient can get a normal call with only your EasyLine number shown.

Receiving a Call

When you receive a call to your EasyLine number, your phone will let you know that your EasyLine is ringing.


With voicemail, you can custom a greeting message for your customers, which can show your sincerity and a big welcome to their contacts. It also enables you not to miss out on any call from any potential customers.

Types of EasyLine Subscription and Pricing

You can choose a toll-free number or a local number as needed. After the free trial ends, for those who choose local numbers, we offer monthly subscriptions at $9.99/mo. For those who choose a toll-free number, we offer monthly subscriptions at $14.99/mo.

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