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Second Phone Number for Business

Get a second phone number through EasyLine and manage your life and business with ONE smartphone!

What is Business Phone Number?

A business phone number is exclusively for business communications. It enables you to easily connect with your customers and make customized services with the business phone number. Managing all your business with a specialized number helps you to keep boundless zip and energy to deal with any business affairs. Get a second phone number from EasyLine for your business, either a local or a toll-free number.

Do I Need a Business Phone Number?

If you are troubled with mixed personal and business calls, a business number is exactly what you need.

EasyLine offers a second number for your business, either a local or a toll-free number, which enables you to easily connect with customers as well as keep your personal and business life separate on a single device. Moreover, EasyLine helps to store users’ business contacts in an area that does not overlap with their personal ones so that there won’t be any worry or risk that you may confuse them.

Based on an EasyLine business phone number, you are able to manage your business while having your personal number kept in private. When you make calls or send messages with the business phone number, EasyLine will redirect them through the EasyLine phone number. Thus, your personal number can be well protected from being shown to customers or any other unknown companies. In this way, there will undoubtedly be few unexpected phone calls that can disturb your business or personal phone calls.

The business phone number you get from EasyLine is a real one so it can help you reach more customers at once from any place, even landlines. It’s worth having one!

The Number Types EasyLine Provides

Two types of phone numbers are available on EasyLine.

  • Local plus Vanity Number
  • Toll-Free plus Vanity Number

Either of the number types can be selected based on your needs. As you register an EasyLine account, you will get a local number first, and then you can choose different packages with low prices. Being able to choose a local phone number is a necessary way to legitimize your small business since most small businesses start from local areas and customers there, and toll-free numbers strengthen the brand’s image and increase reliability so that more potential customers are willing to consult with the business initially. Vanity numbers, allowing business owners to choose their own digits, are also a great tool for marketing since the repeated numbers or industry names contained in the number help increase traffic.

How to Get a Business Phone Number from EasyLine?

Step 1. Download EasyLine for free on your device and install it.

Step 2. Select or fill in an area code you’d like to label your number.

Step 3. Pick up a premium package and pay for it.

Now, you’re able to call and text with your EasyLine number.

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