Voicemail to Email: A Business Feature Stopping You from Missing Any Customer

For customers and companies, when it comes to deciding which company they will choose to contact and cooperate with, the company’s service attitude always seems to be the top priority. From which aspect can this attitude be reflected? Well, suppose you are a manager of the company who is going to get hundreds of customers’ calls every day. It’s very likely that you’ll miss calls sometimes because you don’t work with your phone all day, for you have many other things to do (let’s say sometimes you’ll need to have meetings, and definitely any operation that needs to be done on the phone is not allowed during the meeting).

Normally when the call is not answered, the customer will leave a voicemail message in your voicemail box waiting for you to check. However, it’s easy to forget to check your voicemail box every time. No matter how portable and convenient your smartphone is, you do not use it every second of your workday. But that doesn’t mean you can just skip those voicemail messages from your callers, as your company’s service attitude could somehow be bad if you do that.

For colleagues who work with you, to quickly advance a project through cooperation, you and your colleagues should stay close to each other, even online. Apart from sending text messages and emails, talking on the phone seems to be the most efficient way to communicate with each other. The problem is, when you miss a call, it’s likely that you will also forget to check your voicemail box, too. This means that the efficiency of communication and cooperation will be greatly reduced, and the time cost of the project will be increased.

For friends and relatives, people who are close to each other usually contact by phone, as talking on the phone can be more convenient, and through phoning each other, the mood of the speaker over the phone can be judged by his/her voice and tone. Suppose one day your mom suddenly phones you for something urgent, but you miss her call and forget to check your voicemail box. Then this urgent issue is not settled. What if the consequences are very serious? How terrible!

Based on the above three examples, you must have realized that voicemail messages and voicemail boxes are actually inconvenient sometimes if you fail to remember to check them. Is there a possible way to solve this problem? Of course, yes. With VoIP phone service, you can turn those voicemail messages into emails sent to your email box so that you’ll never miss important messages anymore.

Do you know what is Voicemail to Email and how does it work to boost business? If you haven’t heard about it yet, you can read the expository article below. Hope this article can help you to have a better understanding of it.

Voicemail to Email 101: What is It

Voicemail to Email is a phone system feature that delivers voicemail messages as audio files straight to your email box. You may view your voicemail recordings through email from any mobile device or computer, eliminating the need to check your voicemail again.

As Voicemail to Email is based on a VolP phone system service, when you set up this feature, your VoIP provider will instantly deliver fresh voicemail messages to the email address that you choose.

With the help of phone systems that provide this useful feature, the voicemail message will always be saved as a .mp3 or .wav file when someone leaves you one. Then these systems directly attach the file to an automated email or provide a link to your voicemail recording. Finally, you’ll find notifications in your email box whenever you receive voicemail messages. The exact date and time when the caller left a message, as well as the phone number you need to call back, will be included in your email message.

Interestingly, more advanced VolP phone systems even go further. Through speech recognition technology, they can transcribe voicemail recordings to provide a readable version in text, which is even more convenient for users to read rather than hear.

How does Voicemail to Email Work to Boost Business?

As a businessperson, what you want to know about most must be: how does Voicemail to Email work to boost business? Changing voicemail messages into emails and getting even more emails does not help to improve your working efficiency. Instead, it may be worse for work because emails for you to deal with are increasing in sum. Then why are there more and more people starting to use this feature? Actually, setting up voicemail to email is an easy way to make your voicemail messages more convenient to access. Here are some benefits of sending voicemails to email.

Respond to Your Customers’ Message Quickly

When it comes to customer service quality, your response time really matters, for it can easily make or break the relationship with a customer. Your customers always want you to be there when they need you most (whether their needs are urgent or just trivial. lol.) So, if you miss their calls, you must check your voicemail box and call them back in a timely manner.

After setting up voicemail to email, those voicemail messages will instantly be sent to your email box once they are generated. In the meantime, you’ll get an instant notification that allows you to remember checking the voicemails. Some apps can even transcribe these voicemails into text messages so that you can also “read” the voicemail recordings if you fall into a noisy environment.

Call Back with Preparation and Confidence

When you call back your clients without checking their voicemail messages in advance, this conversation might be devolved into an unpleasant and awkward situation. Generally speaking, as customers and clients are the GOD, they don’t want to repeat themselves when they take the time to leave you a voicemail message. Therefore, when you call them back, they will be frustrated if you don’t know their needs, and also, they will feel that they are not valued by you and your company.

With the help of voicemail to email, it’s hard to miss any new messages. You just need to tap on the voicemail recording or read the transcription, and then you’ll have all the information you need to have a successful and comfortable discussion with your customers and clients, thus increasing client satisfaction.

Increase Working Efficiency

Without using voicemail to email, you always have to check both your voicemail box and email box. But jumping from one platform to the other will just make you slower at your work. Now there is a better choice: all you need is a VolP app that has the feature of voicemail to email. What you should check is only limited to email that covers voicemail messages.

Once you get a message, the feature of voicemail to email converts your email inbox into a visual voicemail system, allowing you to read a transcript or tap it to play the audio file. There is no need to dial your voicemail box. You can “read” your voicemail message notifications in seconds!

Bottom Line

  • With VoIP phone service, you can turn voicemail messages into emails sent to your email box so that you’ll never miss important messages anymore.
  • Voicemail to Email is a phone system feature that delivers voicemail messages as audio files straight to your email box.
  • Setting up voicemail to email is an easy way to make your voicemail messages more convenient to access.

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