Small Business Startup Tools for High ROI at Low Cost

Well begun is half done.

To turn your side project into a money-making business, you need a sound plan and the right set of startup tools. Useful tools would be helpful to quickly turn your great idea into a great business.

There are countless tools that can help you optimize, automate, and improve every working part of your business – from sales and marketing to employees and customer management. But you don’t need all. Too many tools tend to involve you in the traps established by tool providers. The real question is:

How can you filter out the best startups that flourish nowadays?

This passage will surely save you the trouble. Check out the list of the top 7 small business startup tools and get to be better prepared for your business.

Why Tools Are Especially Important for Small Business Startups?

Running a business without any plan is likely to be a frustrating and challenging experience. Choosing proper startups tools should be given priority in a plan. Here are the biggest challenges you might face and how startup tools will enable you to cope with them.

Budget Limit

A startup company has hundreds of things to invest in to get the business developed from zero to one. The office rental, daily material consumption of staff, supplier management, and market expansion…growing a business is like stacking blocks and a fine foundation is an indispensable step to success. Using affordable startup tools can save you valuable resources and get even more returns with less cost.

Staff Limit

A negative employee can quickly damage team morale and productivity. It’s tough having to fire someone but having the wrong people in your start-up can be very disruptive. With startup software and tools, you could get access to more information about the applicants for your company, and have greater opportunities to hire the right people.

ROI Pressure

Return on Investment (ROI) is a popular profitability metric used to evaluate how well an investment has performed. ROI maximization is the pursuit of investors and everyone tries to avoid negative ROIs, which implies a net loss. Startup tools can save you time and energy, keeping your startup well-managed and organized.

In a word, you’ll get easier and wiser solutions to the potential problems that might be met in the process of growing a business and give it the best chance of success with the help of startup tools.

What Type of Tools is Necessary for Small Business Startups?

Finance Tools – Focusing on Financial Balances

Financial balances should be paid much attention to for a startup company, as it indicates if the product or service provided is geared to cater to the market and gives a clearer direction for the way the company should rigidly forward. To get proactive assistance along with real-time visibility of your startup’s performance, you are suggested to use finance tools, which provide support during every stage of your startup evolution.

Marketing Tools – Letting Your Business Known by More Potential Customers

Getting your business to more potential customers leads to the opportunity to increase to improve orders. Dedicated marketing tools allow you to capture email addresses via your website, host a large mailing list online, create newsletters, automate communications, and track results effectively. It is not just sending emails, but accurately reach targeted audiences and building brand awareness of your company, letting them know your business is right available whenever they need

Sales Tools – Directly Boosting Orders

Sales tools can help salespeople in their daily professional activities and enable them to produce more sales. Sales tools save time on tedious and time-consuming administrative tasks, thus enabling salespeople to focus on what matters most to provide value for the business. Lead nurturing, understanding the journey, developing presentations, connecting with leads, and more – sales tools for startups to meet every need.

Office and HR Tools – Keeping Your Team Unified and Engaged

Office and HR tools benefit the team collaboration and enable you to create an open and transparent business culture, getting acknowledged about the strengths and weaknesses, and build an unbeatable team in a more effective way. A suitable office and HR tool enable all staff to deal with the problems together with customers’ issues clarified at the moment of issue arrival.

Project Management Tools – Streamlining Multiple Tasks

Small business entrepreneurs wear a lot of hats, but the fact is, you can’t do it all on your own – no matter how savvy you are. Project management tools can easily assign tasks and prioritize what’s top important or emergent to your team. A clear division of work and a common working goal focus would unify the whole team for the next achievement.

CRM Tools – Efficiently Snowballing Your Business

Maintaining customer relationships is not easy, not to mention attracting new customers. A CRM tool is a must-have tool for your business if you’d like to establish a long-term smooth relationship with customers and enlarge your borders. It helps to build up enhanced customer relationship management by well managing their support, data, and profitability.

Design and Development Tools – Making Your Business Attractive

Customers are likely to be impressed by a dedicated designed website or a comparatively exquisite logo. However, hiring a team of professional graphic artists could be costly and unnecessary. With design and development tools, your own team would be able to design visually appealing patterns as well!

Top 7 Small Business Startup Tools to Quickly Grow Business at Low Cost

Onplan: top finance tool

OnPlan is a leading startup platform for entrepreneurs to integrate with the key operational and financial data such as Quickbooks, Intacct, NetSuite, Salesforce, Hubspot and more and plan for every scenario in a flexible and familiar experience. It’s the ultimate business partner when it comes to financial management and could give you the flexibility to screen opportunities and threats as your business grows.

top finance tool

Google Analytics: top marketing tool

Google Analytics is a totally free marketing software that builds a complete picture of your customers and provides businesses with valuable insights into website traffic and activity. It has been widely used by entrepreneurs and proved to be a good helper for improving traffic to their site and overall consumer engagement.

 top marketing tool

ZoomInfo: top sales tool

ZoomInfo claims that it is their business to grow yours. It offers you a database that covers over 95 million companies profiled. You are able to find more businesses on ZoomInfo by email addresses, phone numbers, check icon, general location, etc.

top sales tool

Gusto: top office and HR tool

Gusto is trusted by more than 200,000 businesses and their teams. It offers a more effective way to hire, onboard, and retain talent. In addition, with Gusto you can also set up tax-advantaged spending accounts for your team.

top office and HR tool

Asana: top project management tool

Asana is a flexible saas project management tool with a focus on collaboration. It brings together everything teams need to communicate, collaborate, and coordinate work. Teams report they’re up to 45% more efficient with Asana.

top project management tool

HubSpot: top CRM tool

Hubspot is a powerful CRM tool that makes your email and calls tracking faster and more effectively. It helps you by automatically logging customer interactions, and extracting the data from the web to generate information about your potential customers.

top CRM tool

Canva: top design and development tool

Canva is an easy-to-use design software with thousands of templates for visual designs. No matter you are a freelancer or a member of a small business or an international company, Canva could get you and all your colleagues to achieve real-time collaboration. It’s amazing to produce designs of professional level with a few steps through Canva features.

top design and development tool

EasyLine: All-in-One Small Business Startup Toolkit

EasyLine is an all-in-one toolkit specifically designed for individuals and small businesses. It is an ideal software for fresh startups to build their business and generate traffic with ease. Here are some of the features you can get through EasyLine:

  • Powerful calling and messaging
  • Professional business phone tree system
  • Vanity Number
  • SMS business marketing
  • Client management
  • Personalized customer support within the app
  • Online dashboard
  • Voicemail

Button gets EasyLine to Run your business easily!

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