How to Record Professional Voicemail Greetings for Business

No one is ever strange to a voicemail. Moreover, a warm, friendly, and polite human voice voicemail usually carries a touch of reassurance that is difficult for robot voicemails to reach.

In the business world, voicemail greetings play an extremely effective role to play when it comes to brand strengthening, order increasing, and customer service.

In one word, a professional voice greeting can increase engagement with your customers, enhance your brand’s professional image, and, in turn, boost your business.

What are Voicemail Greetings and Why are They Important for Business?

Voicemail greetings are recorded messages set for the missed caller when a call fails to be answered the moment it arrives. It can be used in any situation related to telephone business, such as a new customer’s phone service is being dealt with, or an important meeting is being on.

A good professional voicemail greeting is respectful to business partners and customers. Simply stating the basic information about a company like a name or a contact information in the greeting and apologizing for the incapability of phone answering helps business owners to establish a strong connection with the caller and instills their trust in the expertise and competence. In addition, an extra collaboration and selling opportunity are able to be acquired to compensate for the possible loss given by the missed call.

How to Record Professional Voicemail Greetings?

Any business, big or small, calls for any useful measure bringing forward profits with a low budget. That’s what voicemail greetings provide.

Actually, creating and recording a professional voicemail greeting doesn’t require as much expertise as you might think. Here’s a quick tutorial to help you get started.

Write a personalized voicemail greeting script just for you and your company

Voicemail greetings start with scripts and end with voice. Therefore, the content of voicemail greetings should be well prepared first.

With the idea of creating a personalized voicemail greeting coming out, the first thing that should be done is to define the content. Try to keep it short and concise, while yet conveying important information. A simple greeting, a self-introduction, an apology, and a few words of appreciation should all be included. It’s best to keep the recording being from 8 to 30 seconds long. If it’s too short, an impression of insincerity will be possibly left. If it’s too long, on the other hand, few customer callers can wait until they end up. Express your apology and gratitude to the caller and let them know they are appreciated and valued. That’s it!

With scripts created, the next step is to transfer the scripts into voices. There are mainly 3 ways to record voicemail greetings.

Record Your Own Greeting by Yourself

Recording a unique voicemail greeting in your own voice can instantly bring you closer to the caller. It’s also a straightforward and practical method to make your own greetings.

To record voicemail greetings with your own voice, the first step is to find a phone that has a feature to record. Then you just need to speak into your phone with the voicemail greeting service enabled. Try to find a quiet place and speak in a clear voice and at a normal speed. After then, you can listen to your work again and further check if there are any problems and areas for improvement. If your phone does not support the preview feature, you can dial your own number from someone else’s phone to see the effect. Obviously, the method only works for individual business owners or freelancers.

Hire a Professional Announcer to Record

A professional announcer can be hired to record voicemail greetings by small or medium businesses with multiple employees. That’s the easiest way to earn the best recording quality. While this may cost some money, it will meet your greater needs and provide your company with a more professional appearance. Two websites below can be used to find such announcers for voicemail greetings recording.

Use Text-to-speech Technology

Text-to-speech is also a viable option. This method works for those without a decent voice, or who don’t want to pay too much for professional announcers.

Many people think that virtual announcers today still sound as stiff and mechanical as they did a decade ago, but that’s not the case. The machine announcer can now deliver words in a reasonably natural, smooth, and consistent manner, often even more pleasantly than a real human.

Text-to-speech technology is owned by and offered to users by many businesses, applications, and websites. Generally speaking, the higher price a service calls for, the higher voice quality will be obtained.

Best Services to Record Voicemail Greetings for Business


EasyLine is a phone number app designed specifically for individuals or small businesses that allow users to call with a second phone number, send text messages to clients, automatically respond to missed calls, and perform a variety of other things to make communicate with consumers simpler.

Any old voicemail greeting will not suffice when customers contact your business. Opting for EasyLine’s custom voicemail and callers will be greeted with a message specifically tailored to users’ unique business needs, ensuring they feel welcome and understand their business is appreciated. This is the crucial favorable first impression that a company needs in order to achieve its full potential.

  • Low cost
  • Easy to operate
  • International voicemail greetings
  • One application with full features
  • Monotonous voice style
  • Limited languages


Fiverr is ideal for a wide range of commercial services and is the finest option for customized services within a set budget. It provides professional voicemail greetings and scriptwriting services, among other things. Over 200 voice performers provide a diverse range of languages, accents, and tones. Prices for 75 words start at $5, with turnaround times varying from 24 to 7 days. It also has a few premium subscription features, including veteran voice artists, multiple languages, examiner features and etc.

  • Low cost
  • Around two dozen accents and languages are available
  • Some artists include a revision with orders
  • Upgrade choices might increase the cost
  • Requires research to vet voice talent
  • Artists’ audio quality varies


Snap Recordings is perfect for business owners who want to purchase a    professional greeting to upload to their phone system. It offers high-quality audio files recorded by experienced voice artists from different countries (USA, France, UK, Australia, Spain, etc.). You can create personalized voicemail greetings, announcements, audio prompts, or standby messages. Prices start at $50 for 75 words and about 30 seconds. Interactive Voice Response (IVR) recordings can be completed in three to four business days. Production turnaround time is an additional three to four days (if you choose the rush delivery add-on option, you can get your message one to two days earlier) Furthermore, you can download your audio files in eight different formats using their free audio file format converter.

  • User-friendly online wizard tool
  • Large selection of professional voice performers
  • Bilingual voice talents
  • No alternatives for custom scripting
  • Fees for extra services can add up quickly
  • No script translation service


Nextiva is a full-featured VoIP provider offering enterprise-grade VoIP services and unified communications. It can provide companies with a business phone number, virtual receptionist, and text messaging services.

VoIP plans start with a basic package that costs $23.95 for one user, payable annually. On the basic plan, you pay an additional $50 for each voice recording under 50 words. Some additional plans will include multi-level attendants, video conferencing for up to 250 people, and call pops. Premium plans also include one to three professional voicemail greetings, making Nextiva an excellent VoIP solution with recording.

  • The audio file is uploaded directly to your VoIP system
  • No extra fees for voicemail usage rights
  • Reliable and user-friendly VoIP services
  • No revisions included with orders
  • Limited voice artist options
  • Upgrades increase your costs


Last but not least, Grasshopper is an affordable option for freelancers or small companies. It is a virtual number VoIP provider that offers phone services for small business groups. Phone packages come with one or more business phone numbers, multiple extensions, and plenty of VoIP features. Grasshopper voice studio offers everything you need to set up your auto-reply for one price. Prices start at $75 and can include multiple scripts, such as master recordings, voicemail greetings, and forwarded messages.

In addition, Grasshopper comes with six different voice styles included, recorded by three women and three men. You can find the right voice for your business based on your needs. These artists speak in English, British, French, or Spanish.

  • Multiple scripts keep your auto-attendant recordings consistent
  • Multiple voice scripts and VoIP service
  • Easy to use mobile VoIP app
  • Limited voice talent selection
  • Limited languages options
  • Take up to seven business days to receive an audio file

Bottom Line

  • A professional voicemail greeting may help your company stand out from the competition while also ensuring that clients receive the information they want.
  • Creating a voicemail is not difficult. Two simple steps are all it takes — composing and recording.
  • There are many good voicemail service providers for you to choose from, such as EasyLine, Fiverr, Snaprecordings, Nextiva, Grasshopper…

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