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Vanity Number

What Exactly is a Vanity Number?

In a word, a vanity number is such an easy-to-remember phone number that it can be subconsciously got or thought of whenever such an industry is needed.

A vanity number allows you to customize your Easyline phone number into one that includes words, oracronym such as your name or your company name. As such, customers will be able to instantly know the industry your business belongs to and remember your contact number without effort.

Can I Buy a Vanity Number on EasyLine?

The service isn’t provided on EasyLine for users to customize a vanity number. Fortunately, a list of vanity numbers for leading industries is reachable on EasyLine since a large number pool is equipped so that users are allowed to choose from the number pool. It’s 100% certain that all the numbers start with the area code you require and include the words labeling the business domain you want to adopt in the number.

Why do You Need a Vanity Number?

You are able to personalize your number and use it like a marketing tool. With a vanity number, Jack uses ****JACK and Zip Company uses ****ZIP*. Those numbers are undoubtedly more memorable for your customers than a string of random numbers. And when your customers have a demand, the first one that comes to their mind is your numbers. It is also the process of establishing your brand recognition. You’re using the vanity number to tell your potential customers that you’re quite reliable.

Compared with website or commercials, a vanity phone number makes it easier for word-of-mouth referrals because customers can directly share your business instead of “I’ll share you the link on WhatsApp later”. What’s more, another key merit of vanity numbers lies in the fact that it is easy to get one online and helps business reduce cost. Vanity phone numbers can be acquired online, without the need of telephone line building, buying a new telephone because online vanity phone numbers can be used through the Internet on any device as long as they can get access to the Internet or cellular data.

How to Get a Vanity Number on EasyLine?

Getting a vanity number is simple and fast on EasyLine with only four steps as below:

Step 1. Enter the ”Settings” feature and get in the page of personal information, then tapthe Change Easyline Number button.

Vanity Number 1

Step 2. Read the Words of Advice carefully before tapping the Continue button.

Vanity Number 2

Step 3. Enter an Area Code and Number to Contain that you want to use in your vanity number, and tap the Search button to choose a number from a list that pops up.

Vanity Number 3

Step 4. Choose the number you like and tap the Continue buttonto finish the payment. Then you can own your personalized number now!

Vanity Number 45

What’s the Price of Vanity Number on EasyLine?

The price for a vanity number is $8.99 per month. You can get further information about the price by clicking here

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