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Text Messaging (SMS and MMS)

Text and picture messaging (SMS and MMS) are the basic functions of EasyLine, which helps business owners or marketing staff exchange visual information in a more convenient way. This feature on this app is available for both iOS and Android.

How to Send a Text Message

Sending a text message with EasyLine helps you to keep your personal number private. The app can redirect the text through EasyLine, and the recipient will get a normal text message but only your EasyLine number will be shown on the recipient’s phone screen.

You can send a text in the following steps:

Step 1. Enter EasyLine and get into the page “Inbox” (you can find it at the bottom).

Step 2. Press the icon of a pen-and-paper at the top right of the page and you’ll be presented with a New Message page interface.

Step 3. Type the number or choose a contact from the list of contacts to text to in the input box on the top and type your message content in the input box at the bottom.

Step 4. Tap the icon of a blue plane on the right of your message, then you’ll successfully send out the message!


Ø You can tap “+Broadcast” to send a message to a group of contacts at the same time.

Ø You can tap “Schedule” to send your message at a certain time. This feature is mostly needed to send business greetings or during a holiday.

How to Send Photos and Videos

EasyLine supports picture messaging as well as gifs. Enter the page of New Message and then press the plus button “+” at the right corner of the bottom. Four options are displayed: Photos, Videos, Location, and Contact. Then, press the one you want to message.

How to Delete Text Messages

You can delete a single message on EasyLine in several ways.

Way#1. Swipe to the message you want to delete and hold for a few seconds, then, you’ll see two buttons popping up. You’re allowed to either copy or delete the message.

 Way#2. Swipe the message you want to delete to the left at the Inbox interface. Then a Delete button will be displayed and you are allowed to delete the message by tapping the button.

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