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Call Announcement

Each call to your business number should and must be a chance to improve your impression of your customers. Of course, that may totally go upside down if the call isn’t properly received. EasyLine offers a call announcement feature by which a business-dedicated custom voicemail can be used once a call gets down and products can be well marketed to incoming callers.

What is Call Announcement on EasyLine?

This feature provided by EasyLine helps to separate your EasyLine voicemail from your regular voicemail. When you decline an EasyLine call with the call announcement service turned on, the caller will be directed to the voicemail on EasyLine. It means that EasyLine gives a solution to customize business voicemail and leave customers a sense of being valued. As the call announcement service is turned off, the incoming EasyLine calls rejected by you will be directed to the regular voicemail of your smartphone so that no customers will be missed out.

Why Should I Turn on Call Announcement on EasyLine?

With the feature of call announcement turned on, EasyLine can ensure your caller will be routed to your EasyLine voicemail after a call is declined, so the caller will feel welcome and understand their business is appreciated. This is the vitally important positive first impression your business needs to fulfill its potential.

EasyLine voicemail certainly performances better than that of your registered number, as it allows you to make up several alternatives for different customers or circumstances, while voicemail of your registered number is limited to one version. In addition, the voicemail of your registered number could be specifically used for your life and EasyLine voicemail for business, which is a wise solution to good relationships with those you care about.

How does Call Announcement Work for You?

This feature is mostly needed when you are enjoying your personal time but don’t want to lose any business opportunities. You can turn on the call announcement service on EasyLine and let the customized voicemail on EasyLine take up the role.

As a flexible feature, if you want the callers to you to be routed to the voicemail of your registered number, you can turn off Call Announcement on EasyLine anytime and turn on the voicemail of your registered number.

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