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TOP 5 Apps to Boost Small Business in 2022

Is there anyone who lives in 2022 but still doesn’t know how to find helpers or helpful tools when running businesses? If you are still struggling to run your small business on your own, you do need to read this article that may really help you a lot.

Nothing is Easy for Small Business.

Running a small business is never an easy task. As small business owners can only bring their commercial talents into play with a very limited workforce and budget, they spend most of their time alone racking their brains for cost savings and revenue increases. Having both the courage to start a business and the persistence to run it at the same time is very appreciated. However, troubles always occur as your business only has few personnel. If your business is right in the bottleneck period, you may need to find some helpers. Here are five apps that may help you get through the tough times.

Top 5 Apps to Boost Small Business

Here are the top 5 apps for small businesses in 2022. You can download one or ALL that is suitable for you and your business.

A Business Number App: EasyLine

Small businesses are not as famous and creditable as industry giants, so how to get your business known to more customers becomes a top priority. To make your business distinguished, you need to have a business number to look professional on every social media platform. EasyLine is a wonderful business number app for you. In fact, it is more than just a number app, for it also contains such features like:

A Fax and Scanner App: Fax

Everyone needs Fax, but not a fax machine!

How about putting a bulky machine into a tiny app? There is no need for a fax machine with paper, ink toner and a dedicated phone line. Fax allows users to send fax just through their own phones. What’s more, it also contains features like:

A Business Tracking App: BizXpenseTracker (BXT)

Be aware, hackers are everywhere! The internet is not always safe and secure nowadays, as you may know, a few information leakages from some technology giants like Facebook. Hackers will hack down the websites or servers where you put your personal information in or even track your online traces without your knowledge. Therefore, having an all-inclusive app for tracking and reporting expenses, mileage and time will help you prevent yourself from hackers’ attacks. Here BizXpenseTracker (BXT) is recommended for you, for it also contains the following features:

A Business Inventory App: Veego

For businesses with storage needs, it is very important to have a proper storage system. Traditional businesses choose to use some inventory software to manage inventory of goods, but for newcomers, it is more convenient to use inventory apps. As Veego is widely recognized and used by many well-known companies, it is also suitable for small businesses to effectively manage their inventory. It also contains the following features:

A File Storage App: Google Drive

Cloud information storage has become a hot topic in recent years. As the world encountered Covid-19, more and more people choose to work remotely for their own safety. As a result, Google Drive starts to be popular among workers. With Google Drive, you can not only get easy and secure access to all of your content but also share your files with others. Main Features are listed below:

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